Da Front Porch Hustla 

supports independent entertainers



DA  FRONT PORCH ASSOCIATION is a product of Hurshel "Hustla" Victor Ricks II. The streets know him as Da FRONT PORCH HUSTLA.  This U.S. Airforce born is a Miami- Dade County bread winner, ATL swervin, West Virginia bouncin and Philly affiliated Hustla on da way up. Hustla is a creative writer for entertainment who studied at Full Sail University. He is a  writer for YAHOO!, HipHopFratHouse.com and other sites and businesses like Coast 2 Coast

When Hustla is not at events, interviewing entertainers or writing short-stories and bios, he is in the studio making original and creative music. Full Sail University gave him the insight he needed as a CREATIVE WRITER FOR ENTERTAINMENT.

So, if you are looking for a plug or just a fan of  original creativity then you should follow Hustla on Twitter and Instagram @DaFrontPorch and check out the many original and creative people in the entertainment industry that are on DA FRONT PORCH ASSOCIATION website and social media networks. 

He is also music critic for Digiwaxx.com who finds time to create scripts, treatments, films, unique images, websites and a way  to the hottest spots with the hottest people. 
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