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Posted by da Front Porch on Saturday, May 14, 2016 Under: Rappers
Thank you for another interview on DA FRONT PORCH. Can you please re-introduce yourself with your name and where you are from?
 Alonna Deville : Hi my name is Alonna DeVille and I am from the Chicago area.

What are some of your past hip hop projects and accomplishments you have had as a recording artist/ performer?
Alonna Deville : I have performed at a lot of events, clubs etc but as far as my past projects...they aren't worth speaking on...the future is what matters.

What is the play you will be in the summer of 2016? Tell us all about it?
Alonna Deville : The play is called IF YOU LOVE ME written by Stephanie James and I really cant talk about the plot much but I play Asia and this is my first play.

Why did you transition from music to acting?
Alonna Deville : It not really a transition it's more of me extending myself to all parts of artistic ventures just like the modeling its all art.

How can people find you online? 
Alonna Deville : Well I'm on facebook @www.facebook.com/alonnadevilleii  on twitter @alonnadeville  instagram is @Badazz_alonnad

Are there any other projects you are working on? 
Alonna Deville : Im about to drop my first real mixtape soon called WANTED the mixtape it will be hosted by Dj Lord Drama.

What do you want to see changed in your  community?
Alonna Deville : I would like to see the constant killing stop...people died in chicago from gun violence everyday.

What is a hustler?
 Alonna Deville : To me a hustler is someone who makes sometime out of nothing.

Any shout outs or last words?
 Alonna Deville : Whew this will take a while...I would like to shout out my label Beastly Music Group,Beastup Films,Guerilla Mode World,The Network Radio,the MidwestHeatRadio family,Wicked Body Frames,Dj Malone,Coredj's,FleetDj's,Drum Squad dj's,Cashbackmafia,TripleA Ent,From Concrete studios,Dafrontproch,Esoteric Elegance,Dj boogie Corleone,Dj Hi volume,Dj Gates i can do this all night lol so ill just say thank you everybody who supports me

 For those who want to get into this hip hop business what is one thing they should try to stay clear from? Why is that?
Alonna Deville : Be careful who you bring into your circle alot of folks that call you friend are snakes trying to either hate or steal your ideas.

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