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Posted by da Front Porch on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 Under: Stylist

What is your name? Amber aka BamTheMua

Can you tell us about where you are from? I'm from Greenville, SC. City of hidden talent. Some will ignore you to avoid witnessing your greatness, most will HATE you because a few love you! 

What type of business are you in? Art. I love beauty. My business is enhancing beauty. I take the human face as a canvas, I paint it with beauty cosmetics to create a masterpiece. 

What goals are you working on? Current goal is my own make-up line. Lipsticks and glosses. Then later I'll expand.

What is a hustler? Hustler. A person who conquers their fears, ignores the cant's, and is in no competition with no one but the person they were yesterday.  A hustler is the passion to their success. 

Any shoutouts? Of course, the man upstairs. Amazing how he works. I cannot forget Buddha who enlightens me with peace and tranquility. My children. They are my biggest fans. My man, Rell is so supportive and motivating. My family, loves us like no other. My mom, Jeanette & my sister Desiree are always pushing me to reach for the stars. Last but damn sure not least my best friend/business partner Mar Patterson. Keeping me in my toes. Believing what we are trying to do can happen. 

What's a week in your life like? Wow! My week, where to start? 5 kids, who remain on honor rolls. Parenting 25/8, working 40+ hours plus for Verizon, and doing makeup as well. 

How can people reach you on social media? Twitter: BamTheMua IG: BamTheMua FB: BamTheMua Snapchat: BamTheMua 

What advice would you tell someone who wants to chase a dream? Only advice I'd have is to KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR OWN PAPER, TRACK ONLY YOUR STEPS, & DODGE THE NEGATIVE BULLET!

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