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Posted by da Front Porch on Monday, June 13, 2016 Under: Rappers
1. What is your name?

Aphiniti which represents my passion and love that I have for hip hop and all forms of music.

2. Tell us about where you are from?

I'm from Cleveland, Ohio that's my home, my heart. We’re a blue color city that's slightly divided and pretty violent but what city isn't? 
Cleveland has a music culture that needs an identity. I'll be the one to do it for the Land.

3. What was the opportunity like freestyling on Sway In The Morning?

Sway was a blessing, an outer body experience that taught me to always be prepared. It was a great moment for me to show Cleveland how hard I'll rep when presented with those type of  opportunities.

4. What made you take being a recording artist serious?

My best friend checked me in 2013 and told me to take care of my gift, to spread it and inspire people with the thought of being great by actually pursuing my dream. Not to mention i finally met a serious producer and teacher in Cleveland’s Trump.

5. How can people find you online?

On my website all things Aphiniti www.zero2aphiniti.com
Insta, Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook @Zero2aphiniti

6. What iso one of your goals this year?

I want to Freestyle at the Bet Hip Hop Awards Cypher.

7. How does it  feel to know people in your city support your music?

It makes me feel like I have their trust. That I will be the artist to propel our city to the highest heights of entertainment.

8. What is a hustler?

A person that has the intangibles and knows how to use their resources to rise.
To me Hungry Unapologetic Strategist Thinker Loner Educator and a Risk Taker 

9. What do you want to see changed in your community?

The violence minimized kids having something to do after school. More support for one another. Doesn't just have to be music it can't be anything just support.

10. Any shout outs?

Cleveland’s Trump
90’s Babies and everybody on the Chase

11. What is your definition of success?

Turning my sour beginnings into sweet potato pie. I just want to say I was able to influence a generation with my music, story, and struggle.

Being able to use my music and voice as a vessel for people searching for a way or a path.

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