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Posted by da Front Porch on Thursday, September 25, 2014 Under: Business
Brandon Stewart "Beezy" born and raised on the Southside of Houston Texas from Hiram Clarke to be exact is in several businesses. The first is 713 Motoring where he is the Vice President  working with Ashworth Barnes @713motoring on Instagram CEO and Michael Stoneham who is the manager @mike713motoring on Instagram the second is 713 Films where he is over managing and organizing video shoots, promotions and events along with VJ aka #\@mr713films on Instagram, 

He has been with 713 motoring for 12 years, since day one, along with his other high school classmates Michael and Ashworth and 713 Films is the newest venture for three years. One of the most rewarding situations he has experienced is when they had the chance to give back to the community during thanksgiving with a turkey drive because it made Beezy realize that they not only had a chance to receive a blessing but that they were also blessed enough to be a blessing to somebody else.

Beezy can reached on social medial on Facebook Brandon Sevenonethreemotoring and on twitter bigbee713 and on Instagram Bigbee713

Beezy definitely wants to first s/o GOD for putting this blessing in front of him and his business partners/ friends. Because of them as a whole they have the ability to recognize blessings and use their talents to it's full potentia.l Secondly he wants to shout outhis friends and family for being supportive since day one and anybody else who ever did business, sent business or spoke of them to keep the entire movement they have going. Beezy says, "it's always love. "In addition every school program neighborhood program that he was involved in that molded him into the person he is today. For this, he says, "thank you."

Beezy's messages:

In my time off I like to do the real simple things like going to the movies and going out to eat. I would say traveling but a lot of times I travel for work and its not always pleasure lol but I make the best of it always and church is def something that's done great for me in my time off because without that guidance from GOD in my life there's no direction. 

The message that I would give to somebody who wanted to chase there dream is to truly just do it. We started with no money but we had GOD on our side and with that everything has been made possible so as long as you have faith in him any and everything is possible we made our dreams a reality and that same blessing can be given to anybody else who stays faithful and dedicated  to what they believe in.

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