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Brianna T: Minimalisms

Posted by da Front Porch on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 Under: Promoters
1. What is your name and where are you from?
A: My name is Brianni T. I'm from the Bronx (New York)

2. Tell us about your life as an  event coordinator, brand developer, and wardrobe stylist?
A: The first word that comes to mind is Fulfilling. I found something that I like to do and that I am good at (Brand development) which acts as an umbrella for the other two (Wardrobe styling and event coordinating) which I am very passionate about as well.

3. How do you deal working with unreliable people?

A: Honestly, I don't deal with unreliable people. If an incident occurs where someone proves to be unreliable I never work with them again. There's no room for unreliability in what I'm doing. 

4. On your free time, what do you do to stay in your land of zen?

A: Mainly I read or I write. Right now I'm currently between two books 'Money Girl's Smart Moves to Grown Rich' by Laura D. Adams and 'Stolen Legacy' by George James.

5. How can people find you online?

A: My name is BrianniT on all social media (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat). They can also check out some styling inspirations I created on Brianni.Polyvore.com. I'll also be launching BrianniT.com in a month or so. 

6. What achievements are you proud of?

A: I am mostly proud of the last big event I coordinated, 'Makeup & Mimosas: Beauty on a Budget'. It was my first event that I funded myself, planned myself and produced myself. It was a lot of hard work and the turn out was beautiful for me. 

7. Any shout outs?
A: To my mom and my grandmother for always being so supportive of any endeavor I chose to take on. 

8. How would you describe your personal style of fashion?
A: The way I would describe my personal style would be minimalism. I like simple silhouettes, I love neutral colors; black, gray, olive green, tan. I like my look to be effortless but transitional from day to night ... Year to year.

9. As a woman in the entertainment business how important is it for you to be respected as a black woman? 

A: It is very important for me to be respected as a black woman in the entertainment business. I feel young black women in general, have a harder time in this industry simply because it is white /or male dominated. Dealing with people who aren't young black women such as myself, I sometimes get this overbearing sense of being underestimated and under appreciated. So I know I always have to carry myself professionally and work twice as hard to gain the respect I know deserve. 

10. What is a hustler?
A: In my opinion, a hustler is someone who puts in hard work, genuine effort and dedication into anything they're doing to gain a better quality of life. Most people I know hustle so that they can own their own business(es), move their parents to a better neighborhood, their children live comfortably, and so much more. 

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