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Posted by da Front Porch on Saturday, July 9, 2016
1. What is your name? 

2. Please tell us about where you are from?
I was born and raised in Orange County. My background is Jamaican and Italian.

3. How has bullying effected your community? 
Unfortunately my community is non-supportive because they don't think it's an urgent issue. 

4. Was there a particular reason you chose to take a stance against bullying? 
I was always getting bullied and made fun of growing up and the fact that kids are killing themselves over this made take a stance. This is something I am very passionate about and I feel terrible for others experiencing this. Living in OC , which wasn't a diverse community and growing up mixed people treated me differently. I come from a family with two completely different cultures, they always raised me to not see color and embrace my heritage. During my school years, I became very much aware that being different is a problem to others. Kids would tell me I'm not black enough for the black kids and not white enough for the white kids. I've had sand thrown in my eyes and mouth, I've been in fights with guys, and I've been called every name you can imagine. I want kids to know they are not alone and I know how they feel. I've been through it and I know they can get past it. So many kids that are getting bullied feel alone and they go online saying how they are going to commit suicide and some even show graphic pictures hurting themselves. Suicide is not a joke and people who get satisfaction out of bullying someone are unstable individuals or cowards. 

5. What is your role in the entertainment world?
I use to dance and do music but now just focusing on my modeling. 

6. How can people contact you online?
They contact me online on.....
Instagram: @bella_apple

7. What words of encouragement do you have for those who have been or are currently victims of bullying? Just don't give up on yourself. I know it is easier said than done but be confident and have faith. When you start believing the things people say to you and if it is getting you down, there is support online available to you. Hit me up! I've saved a couple people from suicide but like I said above, I've been through bullying. These people who bully you won't matter in years. People who hurt others is a reflection of themselves, NEVER YOU. Miserable people want company so don't be their company!!!! You are destined for greatness and they feel threatened by what you bring to the world. If you have to set a daily reminder saying I am powerful, I am strong, and I am confident, then do it. Just remember we are only human, you have the right to feel the way you do but never let this affect you as you, move towards the future. 

8. Are there any business projects you are working on build your brand you want to tell us about?
Yes, I am working on my own clothing line/ boutique. It is called Caramella Daniella. Caramella in Italian means candy and Daniella is my middle name. Fashion is my passion, I'm very artistic, and I'm so excited to build my brand. My whole life people have always loved how I dressed and inquired about my outfits. Back in the day, I use to style people as well. I get asked constantly who am I wearing, so I figured it might as well be my brand! :-) 

9. What is a hustler?
A hustler is a go-getter who goes after what they want. A hustler is someone with ambition and is not lazy. It's a passion and it's hard work. Hustlers never give up. In life things happen but that never stops a hustler and you can have as many hustles as you want. So many people these days have more than one talent. Hustlers use all of them to their advantage.

10. What is your definition of success?
To me success is failing and still getting up to try again. Success is never letting a "no" stop you from your dreams. Success is achieving a goal/goals that get you where you have always wanted to be and most importantly you are happy. We all have our different definitions of it. Some of us are content with less and others more but at the end of the day it is all success if we are happy with where our life is at. 

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