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Posted by da Front Porch on Saturday, May 6, 2017 Under: Models


1. What is your name?

Chanel Jack

2. Please tell us about where you are from and the places you have been?

I was born in New York but raised in Columbus, Ohio. I been all over the world thanks to my mom and her belief in family vacations every year! So shout out to mom dukes! lol but seriously I branched out on my own when I landed a summer dance internship in Atlanta, then an opportunity in New York where I lived for 3-5 months, and now I am in the DMV area. 

3. How did you first break into the entertainment industry?

As a child, my mom set me up for an audition for "The Chocolate Nutcracker" production which was a HUGE deal in Ohio because dance opportunities are very limited there. So, through that experience I found myself as a dancer and I knew I belonged on a stage. From then on, I started to dance for my hometown church World Harvest and several other dance teams. I also danced in a few high school plays and was the dance choreographer for them as well. 

I started modeling through dancing. I took some professional pictures for dance auditions in Atlanta and I received great feedback from them. My mentor Jeanna who is a talent agent convinced me to take modeling serious then the rest was history!

4. What have you accomplished up to this point in the business?

I personally accomplished my passion to inspire. I have a unique look, I am not the standard model measurements or any of that but I still pursue it. I also left home to gain knowledge on my talent so I can gain more wisdom to turn myself into the BEST version of me I can be. So, I get consistent messages from people back home and even strangers from IG personally telling me how much I inspire them and how proud they are of me. That gives me the fulfillment and reassurance I need to keep going and that every move I make is purposeful.

Business wise I was able to expand my network with people who have their own businesses, models/actors who have worked for top companies and other industry leaders who have gave me opportunities and installed knowledge in me to get to the next level. I would have never been able to do this if I stayed in my comfort zone.

Lastly, I reached the point that I am getting paid good money for my craft. There is nothing more rewarding then making your passion into your career. It was journey to get to this point but it was worth it. 

5. How can people reach you online?

I am in the process of making my own website now but until then the best way to reach me is through Instagram at chanel_bee.

6. What do you want to see improved in your community?

It’s typical for somebody to say something regarding violence, racism or any other humanitarian issues and that’s nice, I’m all for it but I’m not typical. Ultimately, I want to see my peers praise success and greatness over popularity. That mindset will get you NO WHERE! People want to be popular so much that they will change their look, personalities and mindset to fit in with the next person. No innovate ideas or change will happen from that. God would have made us all the same if he wanted that but he made us all perfect individuals in his sight so we should ACT like individuals.

Two, it is okay to support others! As a community and a culture, I feel like we are not good at this in general. I don’t compete with nobody but myself. When you grasp the first concept of being yourself, you will know that everybody has their own unique gift no matter if you’re in the same field with them or not. That’s what being a team means. Just like football, the team normally wins when they use team work! It is no doubt everybody on the team are great football players but the team knows they have their own position. They have their own gift that they bring on the field so there is no reason to compete with their own team or worry about whose going to be the highlight because if everybody play their position and look out for each other they ALL get the prize. You can’t have a team with just linebackers, right? Be yourself because you’re valuable and support others because it makes a difference in our success as a culture and generation.

7. What is your definition of a hustler?

People seem to always think a hustler is somebody who loses sleep, gets money in the street, etc. However, people have to understand that just because your “busy” doesn’t mean you’re being productive.

So a hustler to me is somebody who turns No’s into a Yes. Somebody who chases their dreams and passions like they breath it. They let their goals shape their company, their schedules and their influence. Somebody who rises above doubt, fear and any other odds that may come against them. Somebody who doesn’t just talk about it but EXECUTES.

8. What is your definition of sexy?

Somebody who accepts their flaws and the things they cannot change, and falls in love with every single bit of their unique selves. It’s all about confidence.

9. Any shout outs?

S/O to my mom for birthing me lol but seriously shout out to moms for being such a strong, inspirational, God fearing women in my life and training me in God’s word so I would be able to deal with any obstacles I face in my life’s journey the RIGHT way. Also, S/O to my mentors Jeanna, Krystal, and Kahh Spence for sowing wisdom and positive guidance in my life. It means a lot and they had a huge impact on who I want to become. Also, my IG supporters for always showing love, leaving positive messages and comments, and of course my family and friends for believing in me. Lastly, Jordhon for being a role model and a blessing in my life. I want to thank you guys.

10. What advice do you have to someone who wants to get in the entertainment business?

Go for it! Everybody deserves a chance and opportunity to chase their dreams. In the entertainment industry it is about who you know so make sure you network and leave positive long lasting impressions on people. You never know who is in the room. Also don’t let anybody try to sell you a dream that requires you to do anything that you are uncomfortable with. If God wanted you to have that opportunity you don’t have to sin to get it. Lastly, have tough skin! Accept failures and rejection with a positive attitude and don’t beat yourself up.

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