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Posted by da Front Porch on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 Under: Artist

The internet went crazy when @channingcjudith posted a pic of a leg tearing open revealing the majestic forms of a mermaid. Channing later came by DA FRONT PORCH for a 1 on 1 Interview. Always remember #GirlsHustle2
instagram @makeupbychanningjudith

1. What is your name and where are you from? I'm Channing Carlisle from lil Broken Bow Oklahoma. 

2. How did you get into the world of make up and art professionally? My dad was an artist so naturally being around art you get into it. Makeup was just me playing around with different things on me. 

3. How did you create the idea for the mermaid piece that is retweeting and gaining likes all over twitter?It's inspired by a mua Arianna Blean. I wanted to do a different take on it and make it as realistic as possible. I used a few special secrets to create the scales. 

4. How can people people follow you online? I'm actually trying to raise money to attend Cinema Makeup School and move to LA in August. I'll attend there for 6 months and then I hope to work on celebrities and movie sets. 

5. What goals are you currently working on and where would you like to see your talent take you too?

6. What do you want to see changed/ improved in your community? The beauty community or my own personal community? Beauty community just a respect for the art. Maybe you don't always like it but someone worked incredibly hard on that look. Credit us!! 
My own personal community supports me so not much just want kids to feel they can get out of our small town and be great! 

7. Any shout outs?Aye shout outs for sure haha my mom. My family and friends. The owners of Girls Gone Wine who gave me a scholarship through the sale of a wine to go to my dream school. And anyone who likes my work. 

8. What is a hustler? Hustler is a go getter. Somebody who knows this is what you gotta do to get where you wanna be. Gotta have that mentality or you not really hustlin. 

9. What is a week in your life like? I work nights so that and then come home and take makeup appointments/ work on looks in my free time. Im really chill so that's me!  

Thanks so much for this really appreciate it! 

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