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Posted by da Front Porch on Sunday, February 14, 2016 Under: Blogger

Being A Young Black Haitian Cuban Woman

My name is Chavelita Beauville. Most people know me by Chevy, very few call me by my actual name. I was born and raised in Pompano Beach, Florida. 
Seeing where my parents came from keeps me going. Growing up in an Island house, we've endured many struggles and tribulations and I know I came from a bloodline where I can overcome anything. Seeing the potential and the desire in myself keeps me hustling.It is very interesting and scary especially living in America this day and age as a black woman. I am overcoming insecurities and stereotypes other people view me as. I am crossing another path in my journey where I am realizing all I have in this lifetime is my way of thinking and my womanhood.

The Erotic World Of PLEASURES BY C

Well, I got the name, “PLEASURES BY C” from a dream. The dream was a sex dream and I won’t go into details, but in this dream I felt so free- sexually. The atmosphere was easy and exhilarating. I’ll never forget that dream. After that I got inspired to write erotica. Putting my experiences I felt on paper. I want my work to be viewed as what it is, art. 
I want people to feel something when they read my work. I want them to experience my thoughts and ideas through my words. I want them to open their minds and go into a world where they are sexually liberated and see the way I see. I want to them to read and feel like they are the actual characters. I want my queens to read my work and feel sexy enough to try something on their partners.A week in my life pretty much consists of wake and bakes, working, and in the lab making new writings.

  • A lioness would best describe my personality. She walks with grace yet she is territorial. Only fit for a Lion, not a cub.  


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