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Chuck Taylor Mane

Posted by da Front Porch on Tuesday, February 9, 2016 Under: Rappers
1. What is your name and where are you from?
1: My name is Chuck Taylor Mane and I'm from Brooklyn NYC. 

2. What artists' influenced you the most?
2) Biggie from his lazy flow, Jay Z from his ambition, LL COOL J, Slick Rick, Russell Simmons from telling stories 

3. Why are lyrics important with your music?
3) Lyrics are important cause they take your mind away from pain life and reality. Word speak volumes for individuals who can't speak for themselves. 

4. How can people find you online?
4) Look me up. Chuck Taylor Mane (Google)
Corporate Gang Entertainment C.G.E
IG @ChuckTaylor031
Twitter @TaylorChuck031
BOOKING taylorchuck384@gmail.com

5. What is one goal you want completed in 2016?
5) To achieve a more wider fan base, more subscribers on YouTube etc. more music videos and for everyone who's goal dreaming to help them succeed by showing support. 

6. Tell us about your label and movement?
6) My label is Corporate Gang Entertainment C.G.E
I started it basically cause I'm a independent artist and I need my own business so I could manage other talent as well. My movement is elevators cuz anyone who believes will raise to the top. Etc. 

7. Any last words or shoutouts?
7) Shout to CGE Manager, shout out to Brooklyn NYC, St. Thomas USVI, shout out MMD should out Mad B. Free my homies on the chain gang. 

8. Why do you want people to support your music?
8) People should support anyone who's trying to achieve excel, or dream chase. It's hard being a independent person with the help from the system. Everyone needs a push and if we support each other's the sky won't be the limit. 

9. What is a hustler?
9) A hustler is someone who takes a dream and turn it into a reality.

9. What is a hustler?

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