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Posted by da Front Porch on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 Under: Singers
My name is Cydnei Chyan and I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana. It's in the Midwest.

Well me and a friend wrote Golden. I had told him I wanted to create an anthem about being comfortable in your skin. Back when I was in high school if you weren't light skinned you weren't considered pretty. Songs were made about it and everything and for a long time I started to believe that. But now that I'm older I love my brown skin and my melanin and I wanted to make a song about being confident. It's for all women that feel golden and that are comfortable with their skin regardless of what color they are.

My plan with my music is to inspire people and touch people's lives. Music well art in general is the hope and faith of our generation. Art inspires me so I want to keep that legacy going. You can find me on Instagram and Twitter @ceeyzus and on soundcloud @cydneichyan 

I want more people to stick together. Sometimes people are so stuck on popularity and who knows who that we forget to support one another it's not all about fame and fortune and if we all came together more we could get to fame and fortune faster.

Shout out to my boyfriend Scotty Blase. My best friend Aaron he is my hair stylist and the person that keeps me together and of course my family. They are who I do it for. (About style) I don't know if your referring to music or like fashion style. But I'll assume music. My style when it comes to music is just all about the vibe. I guess I would consider myself neosoul but with a more youthful and peaceful vibe. 

My definition of sexy is just being yourself . Nothing is more sexier than being you and being true to yourself. A hustler is somebody that doesn't give up on their goal. Someone that finds ways to make stuff happen. 

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