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Posted by da Front Porch on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 Under: Tattoos
Hi, everyone knows me by Dagirlmenace but my name is Mesha. I'm from Tampa, Fl. born and raised moved to Orlando to help my mother because she had cancer.
I work as a body piercer at Defiance Tattoos 7045 Clarcona Ocoee Rd. Orlando, Fl 32818. After my mom passed away in May 2, 2008 from cancer and my fiance being murdered May 10, 2009 tattoos became a stress reliever for me. Only a few of my tattoos have meaning but for the most I just get pieces that look good.

You can find the shop online @defiancetattoos.biz I am currently working on doing custom t-shirts and more which you can check out atwww.Dagirlmenacecustom.com. My goal is to be in tattoo magazines by the end of 2017 & maybe on a reality TV show.  Instagram @dagirlmenace
My definition of a hustler is anyone who has down falls but continues to grind it out until they accomplish their task. Often people feel as though I'm just a hood girl but in all reality I have a degree in criminal justice and prior to the deaths of my mom and fiance I was a customs officer.
It's so many people I can thank but I will name a few 1st and for most God for guiding me through when I could only see darkness. My son for giving me a reason not to give up. My go to Ed who helps me through when I'm depressed and listens no matter what with no judgment. My coworkers Mike & Trap at Defiance Tattoos who taught me everything I know right now about the industry. Last but not least my family & friends.
It's so much that could be changed in our community but I think I'll have to go with senseless murders to our peers by our peers.

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