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Posted by da Front Porch on Monday, July 11, 2016 Under: Other

         What is your name? Dashing Lane

Can you tell about where you are from? 
I am from Orlando, Florida but I currently reside in Washington, D.C.


WWhere did you go to school and why did you choose to go there?
For my undergraduate studies I attended Florida State University. For graduate school I currently attend Howard University and I made the choice because I wanted to get the “HBCU Experience”. I wanted to attend a school where African-American Studies would be embedded in the curriculum.


How can people find you online?


                        Facebook: Dashana Lane

                        Instagram: Freshprincess1

                        Snapchat: Fr3shprincess1

What do you want to see changed in your community?
I would love to see the status of African-Americans change in our community. I want to promote and encourage esteemed individuals to dedicate their time to our youth. I want to see more African-American children go to college and not jail. I want little brown kids to love and accept who they are.


5.        What is a hustler? A hustler is someone who gets things done by any means necessary.


What is a goal you are working on? I am currently working on getting my Master’s Degree in School Psychology and apply for my Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership where I can take on a position that will help me change the education disparities. 

Any shout outs? The Center for the Study of African and African Diaspora Museums and Studies will be hosting an event in Savannah, Georgia September 9, 2016.


Any motivating words to get people follow their dreams?The more that you can do, the less that they can tell you that you cannot do.

 Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do anything!! Always follow your dreams and never lose sight of your motives.

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