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Diore: Positive Vibes Only

Posted by da Front Porch on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 Under: Dancers
My name is Ashley but every knows me by Diore. My night hustle to me is more of a playground. I've been dancing for quite some time now. Every club is different. Once I go to work and feel the vibe I literally go with the flow and things happen.
... of course you have to make it count!

I hustle 24/7. I work even when I'm not working. I'm a single parent. So during his school hours I try and knock out most of my errands before he returns home. At one point, my life was literally all over the place. Once you sit down, strategize your goals, set bars and start accomplishing them, you will see there's no such thing as "balancing" your life out.
...Set the standards and stick to it.

My hustle never defines me but it only speaks for me...I'll never be the type to complain about not having a dollar when I'm simply thinking of a plan to get $1 plus more. I got a daily goal of $500. 
And by any means my mark has to be met.
Social Media
Facebook - Ashley DiorebeenBadd Monroe
No Instagram, at least not for now.
Snapchat: avana_Diore
Twitter: @IamAvanaDiore

This year I'll be branding "Enchanted Exotic Wear" with our custom 24 hour line with exotic dancer apparel & night/ daytime wear. My other project is the "Just Another Creation" launching shop with Diore hair products. I'm working on my book, and a few other projects. I'll update everyone.

Shout outs and last words: "Positive Vibes Only." Never allow the evil spirits to rant with your heart and conscious. The man above has the last say so on your life!!! Always keep that in mind

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