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E Money

Posted by da Front Porch on Saturday, February 13, 2016 Under: Rappers
Chicago rapper E-Money (Zoony Life) is on da way up

Ride & Coast is a very up-beat summertime feel, catchy hook with a feel good flow.  Giving my point a view on how I ride & coast. music video link iTunes link

I got into the rap game when a friend of mine ask me to hop on a record with him, heard my voice playback & I thought it was good.  So what turned into a hobby turned into a business.

Entertainment goals for this year is to inspire as many people as possible & make the most money I ever made off music.  So far I'm going into the right direction.

People can contact me via my website at www.ZoonyLife.com or any of my social networks: Twitter & Instagram: iAmEmony_

I want to inspire people that feel like there is no hope or somebody that wants to create or travel.  I just want to show people its okay to chase your dreams & bring your visions to life, thats what Zoony Life is all about.

Yea remember anything is possible. I was blessed to be featured on MTV.  Get in tune with the Zoony Life movement & just shout out everybody that's hungry to achieve & do better in life.

A hustler is somebody that can make something out of nothing.  Being innovative in the way people do things & how consumer goods is sold.  New wave creators. 


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