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Posted by da Front Porch on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 Under: Dancers
Well, my name is Miah better known as The Legendary Starr in my city which is Baltimore MD. You can find me on twitter: @ms_barniebabe, Instagram: @legendary_starr... My website and booking info are in the link in my bio on IG. 
        Honestly, adversity led me to dancing! I was always very good at dancing period, not just exotic dancing. It was easy to make good money and get myself out of debt. One year I was incarcerated for about 3 months and by the grace of God, the judge had mercy on me and gave me another chance out here in society. I tried walking a straight and narrow path but it was getting me nowhere fast except in a downward spiral. It was pretty rough and I toyed with the idea of dancing for about one year before I finally decided to get into it... I started off as a hostess for an old club in Baltimore on the block, called Club Miami. I did that for about 5 months while I was attending MSU but they shut down and shortly all my savings started to fritter away. So, I resorted to exotic dancing in November of 2010, at the age if 20, at a club called Lust, on Baltimore streets "the infamous block."
 During the time I was a hostess and sometime before then, I used to practice dancing on the pole. I had a year of endless training with just a bunch of friends, becoming more advanced and graceful. I watched youtube videos, especially the championship pole artist. That's where I got most of my training from. Hard work and sweat is how I got so great. I've always been rather athletic in my years of schooling and took interest in my body looking great. So I eat healthy, stay in shape and I invested in an intermediate and advanced stripper pole to practice on a regular basis....

From the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep, I get on my pole several times per day.

        A day in the life of Starr is kinda of spontaneous, loud and full of craziness: Business, pleasure, bossiness, bitchiness, weirdos, freaks but it's all exceptable you know.. But being as though I work so hard I try to stand clear of the bullshit. I am a boss and I do what I want when I want. I cam e and go as I please. If I miss it it's on me! My days go however I choose for them to go. People have their opinions about me until they have a conversation with me and all they assumed just goes out the window. To some people I'm just a sex toy, stripper who's very existence is but for the simple pleasure of men. Some people just love me and some just hate on me. I can be busy with a photoshoot one minute, and running late for a private party I the next. But unlike most females in the business, I'm a tomboy. I grew up with 12 brothers so I'm not really into all the nonsense like most people. I grew up with nothing but a loving family who didn't judge. My mother just turned 61, so I have and old soul, with no care in the world about what people think. With that being said, I wake up, brush my teeth, wash my tail and take the day as it comes... 
 Currently I work at Larry Flynts hustler club in Baltimore city. Address 401 East Baltimore Street Baltimore, MD 21202.. I was born and raised in Baltimore City, North and Pulaski is where I grew up but I claim Park Heights.
        Before I started dancing I did start 2 businesses with hopes of a career in residual income.. One is with  an organization called Organo Gold, which sell products like coffee and tea that have healing components. The other is with 5links, which sell electronics, phone service, and bge services. I have been so busy with entertainment that I've allowed my businesses to fall by the wayside unfortunately.
 In my opinion, the things that makes me sexy is my fit body, I'm easy on the eyes to most people and my personality. The things I dislike that are such turnoffs are smelly feet, inconsideration, pessimists and control freaks.

     (Tattoos) Whoaaahhhh well that's tough! I started getting tatted at the age of 15 so about 10 years ago. The first time I got tats,I got 5 different ones: chocolate strawberries in the middle of my back to match one of my sisters, my ex boyfriends names on my waist, my great gmas name inside a cross on the back of my neck (rip Jeannette), a humming bird right rib and my first nephews name, who has cerebral paulsy, James, on my left rib. After that I became addicted. I started getting 2 hour sessions from a guy name Gator 410 4445810 located here in Baltimore City.... Right now my favorite tattoo is the one I got in Puerto Rico with one of my close friends who has a matching one. It's on the inside of my left arm which reads: I went it the galaxie to get high with the starrz and fell in love with the universe. This is when my friend galaxie and I gained a new respect for Earth and it's laws. I am very much in tune with my spiritual side and adore all that God has created in this life for me... Puerto Rico was absolutely beautiful, even in the midst of the ghetto, you found beauty! There were slums surrounded by the blue waters that some people never get a chance to see their lifetimes. I have many more tattoos and I do plan on adding to them but I will keep it sexy. I don't want to cover all my lady parts. People tell me I put them in good places, not covering my sexy body in ink ;)
"Thank for this opportunity to get myself out there and tell more people about the kid.. I appreciate u taking notice and interest as well. Not too many people want to hear your story they rather take the easy way and just judge u at first glance.  Keep in touch ...kiss kiss"

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