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Fash Ma'ja: Goth Queen

Posted by da Front Porch on Sunday, February 14, 2016 Under: Blogger
 1. What is your name and where are you from?
  My Name is Fash Ma'ja, and I'm from South Florida, a city called Margate. (in Broward County)

 2. How does your culture mix with your personal style?
I would say that only my accessories mix with my culture. I'm from the Caribbean, my parents are Bahamian. In the Bahamas loud colors and lots of big accessories are worn in this big festival called the Junkanoo, that's what we're known for. With my style I tend to wear a lot of black and dark lipstick. I go for a modern goth look, but I always over accessorize. Lots of rings, a bracelet that stands out, and a very noticeable necklace...my necklace is always my statement piece, the bigger the better.

 3. Could you tell us about your tumblr blog?
 My tumblr is very unexpected from someone like me. I'm into goth, and all things that have a dark side. People of color aren't really openly accepted into the goth community. On tumblr there are only about 3 other blogs besides mine that embrace "black goth girls". I find that weird because most people that are into goth are considered "outsiders", so why would they then treat us as such. I don't really care about being accepted though, I like what I like and I will continue to do what makes me happy. No approval needed.

 4. What makes you a hustler?
I see myself as a powerhouse. My sales skills are superb. I'm book smart and street smart, with an innocent face. A innocent face will make people want to get to know you, but to really draw them in you have to have great word play, a nice personality, and know a little about a lot so that you can always hold a decent conversation.

 5. What inspires you to keep pushing when your back is
 against the wall?
I inspire myself. I'm the strongest person I know. In the 5th grade there was an incident that had me in a coma and then I was in a wheelchair for a year. My Doctors and physical therapist told me that I wouldn't walk again. So I got mad and told my dad that I never wanted to go to physical therapy again, and he didn't force me to go back. At home I taught myself how to walk after a year of pushing myself. That's why I'm not empathetic to excuses. Nothing should stop anyone from getting what they want. If I overcame that as a 5th grader then I see no excuse legit enough for people to not be living the life they want. You can get whatever your heart desires, if you want it bad enough.

6. How can people find you online?
I'm "FashionMaja" on every social media site. Whenever you type that in I'll be there. The site that I'm most proud of is tumblr fashionmaja.tumblr.com, my blog really lets me show a side that most know nothing about. Twitter
 7. What is one goal you want to accomplish this year?
To start another company. I'm in the process of it now and everything should be done by August, so maybe in an update interview in the future I can give all the details on that. I'm just very excited about it.

 8. Any last words or shout outs?
I want everyone to know that perfection is nonexistent and beauty has many definitions. Looks aren't everything, work on your personality first. Because when your looks fade, you're gonna need something to fall back on. Smart girls always finish first.
And Shout Out to my brother Supa, I love him so much. Follow him on Instagram @thedonpollo

 9. What color describes you the best? Why?
 Hot Pink describes me the best. I'm always happy and bubbly, I bring nothing but cheerful vibes when I'm around. Plus I'm as genuine as they come, you'll never ever meet anyone like me

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