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Posted by da Front Porch on Friday, June 17, 2016 Under: Rappers

1. Thanks for the update interview. Let the readers know your name and about where you are from? My real name is Kenyatta Williams but my stage/artist that I go by is Franchise I'm from Miami Gardens, Florida.

2. How has this year been treating 5 Star Music Group? This year have being successful, we had the song Go Ham reach 10k playing and we added our newest artist Prissy Roqk aka Lil Prissy. She is the first lady of 5Star Music Group.   

3. What would you base some of your success from? My success come from my hard work and dedication and my hustler mentality to be successful. 

4. What was the hardest part about getting to where you are today? The hard part was going thru the struggle and doing everything out of pockets and getting the business right before putting out my music.

5. What is it like traveling to build fans? I love my out of town fans cause they show me alot of respect and traveling to different cities gives me a chance for the people to get to know me as a person.

6. How has the internet played a part in your companies growth? The internet played a big part in my company success cause the marketing and advertising the name branding the name on social media that make people go google your company and what to know more about you as a business and label.

7. How can people find you online? Instagram @5star_franchise or @5starmusicgroup Twitter: @franchisedade soundcloud.com/franchisedade-1 

8. What's next for 5 Star Music Group? The next for 5Star Music Group is to keep putting out hits and growing as a successful label and keep opening doors for other artists that are looking for a home.

9. Any shout outs? I want to give a shout outs to Tapehustlers Joe Rugz & Kim certified, Da Front Porch, Hashtaghiphop, Taylormade, Roxie and to all my sister's Lashawn Hudson, Kimyatta Williams, Brenda Roberts my mother Elizabeth Hudson and to all my fans that being supporting me and to all the strippers that fuck with me heavy.

10. What advice would you give someone who wants make their dream goal a reality? Just invest in want you want in life and keep pushing yourself and never let nobody stop your grind or hustle.

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