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Hunnarella: L.A.'s tatted Pokahunnas

Posted by da Front Porch on Sunday, August 31, 2014 Under: Artist
Hunnarella Pokahunna Princess is a walking work of art. Her African- American/ Native-American trait is not hard to see thru her dozens of tattoos and several piercings. If you ask her about her position in the entertainment world, she will tell you that she is not really known in the entertainment world but that she is just a very well known person by a lot of different people. 

If you ask me, she is one of the urban hiphop faces of Los Angeles. Hunnarella is mostly known for her hustle as a tattoo artist and a hair stylist. She was tattooing out of a shop but is now working for herself from home. She doesn't charge by the hour but by the creation. Our inked up princess is happy about being able to get out on her own, raising her daughter alone and being able to adjust lifes daily changes. 
Her social media info is
Hunnarella_Pokahunnas_bytheway - Instagram

"If a muthafucka don't respect (me), I don't respect them period!" - Hunnarella

Growing up her mother taught her that in order to get respect you have to first give it. In the tattoo business she has seen monents of pain, most of which is from the outside world world rather then the needle. Hunnarella says the many people down talk people before getting to know them and that people should not judge a book by its cover. People really should get to understand Hunnarella's story.

"I wish I didn't have any tattoos so I could start all over." - Hunnarella

"I always say fuck what people think, they can't walk in your shoes anyway."
- Hunnarella

Hunnarella's story does not end with music and body art  and being a mother. She is attending bartending school and with a personality as real as hers it would be a great hustle for her to be able to meet people throughtout the nightlife of L.A. while she is saving up to open up a business of her own. Her inspirations starts with her mom for raising her to be the person that she is today. She is also inspred by her big sister ?yola-link-is-coming=trueBritanie Girard who is the humble-spirited person that she loves spending time with and learning from.

Hunnarella's shoutouts: 
"I wanna give a shout out to the people I fuck with on the daily, Dork, Mikeyy, Taja, BG, Keysha, Bree Carter, Infant HP, Andre, my mother, all of my fans, GOD, my daughter Lyric B, my future Juevata. Anybody I forgot, I'm sorry, you know where we stand.

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