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Posted by da Front Porch on Friday, February 19, 2016 Under: Business

Twitter: hausofjazzy
Instagram: hausofjazzy

1.What is your name and where are you from? Jasmine Joseph, Brooklyn, NY

2. How did you get into writing and project management?

 Writing was always my passion, so I studied Communications in college, interned at Global Grind, and graduated with my Bachelor's degree in 2014. Upon graduation I received a job offer from a family friend to join her team at Deustche Bank as a project manager. 

3. What is one word that describes your experience at St. John's University and why that one word?

Honestly, short. I mainly went to class, got my work done, and left. I was never into the whole "college experience" thing as much of it seemed like extended high school with popular people and rumors. I just wanted to get my degree and start my career. 

4. What is life like as a wall streetwalker?

Everyday I feel like I'm a tourist attraction but also a very small fish in a huge pond. I never spent time in the financial district before working there, so even as a New Yorker it was all new to me. It's like living in MSNBC. 

5. How can people contact you online?

I'm on Twitter almost every second of every day. I have the most entertaining followers so I'm easily contacted via Twitter. 

6. What is one goal you want to accomplish in 2016?
I want to secure a way to make money without having a boss. I have a lot of things in the works that I'm keeping secret until I am 100% happy with the outcome. 

7. What are your feelings about Beyonce'?
That feeling when you wake up to an email saying class is cancelled, or your mom surprises you with your favorite meal, or when direct deposit hits your account, or when you walk into Church on Easter looking, feeling, smelling like a billion bucks...that's how I feel about BeyoncĂ©. 

8. What's your definition of a hustler?

A hustler is anyone who goes after what they want and never settles for less. 

9. What does hip hop mean to you?

Hip hop is ours. It's our lifestyle. It's how we talk, how we dress, how we communicate with people around the world. Hip hop is a part of my soul especially as a young black woman born and raised in Brooklyn. It's the best way to get Instagram captions LOL!

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