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Posted by da Front Porch on Thursday, March 31, 2016 Under: Authors
I'm Jenay-Marie, but I've also been known as "Siete Santiago." Right now I'm really focused on being a full time author. I started my own business solely so that I can continue to write books and profit from my talent of writing. The name of my book is, "Powder Room Secrets." I wrote my book because I have so many stories to tell from my experiences in life. People always ask why I am who I am and what made me start dancing so I decided to fully expose myself as a person. So from here on out my writing will be the sole focus and attention of everyone. 

Its definitely harder to save money whenever youre making fast money...Just as easily as you can make it, you'll spend it ten times faster. The value of a dollar means less to you when you're making it so fast. It's also hard dating when you're a dancer not because men won't date strippers, but its actually how we objectify the men. We see so many men, with money, who blow their money on us, we kind of become numb to feelings & it becomes "what can he do for me".. it takes you a while to get out of that phase, if ever, and it'll definitely take a very special person to change your mind frame.

 One of my goals this year would more than likely be to get my personal life more in order. I want to buy a house, get dental surgery, continue my journey through buddhism. When your personal life is in disarray its kind of hard to focus on business. Handling personal matters will make focusing on strengthening my business a smoother process.

My twitter name is- JayMullato , Snapchat-Sev2Cool , and my Facebook is Jenay-Marie Long .

 One thing I'd love to see change in my community is we're often taught to work hard so that we'll work at one of the top companies one day, whereas white families teach their kids the thought process that one day they'll OWN one of the top companies. Its ok to not work for anyone else a day in your life, and have people working for you instead! A hustler is a person with a major goal and will do anything it takes to make money or achieve that goal...See there are people that do so much to get money but they have no final goal. That makes you a person simply chasing money, but that hustler knows the end game and sometimes hustling isn't just about the money. A hustler GRINDS , works hard, focuses!! 

My last words would be to let people know that if you have a dream , CHASE YOUR DREAMS, failure isn't when you give something your all and dont receive the outcome you'd like in a certain time. Failure is not trying to your full capacity and denying yourself the opportunity to WIN. The only people I'd like to give shoutouts to are any and all people who've doubted me and told me I couldn't succeed in what I dreamed. I love proving people wrong, so haters thank you for forcing me to be greater!

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