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Posted by da Front Porch on Monday, February 29, 2016 Under: Stylist

What is your name and where are you from?  Juelle Alexandra, I'm from So. Flo. 

Why do you call yourself the Fashion Plug? The reason I call myself the fashion plug is because I provide services that are all fashion related, I'm a personal stylist that can help you upgrade your everyday style or for a special occasion, I'm a personal shopper that will help you find bargains or those items that you love on celebrities but can't find, I'm a wardrobe/fashion stylist that can style photoshoots, runway shows and even movies (which I'm currently working on now), I also can provide advice on what to wear and what not to wear. I know what patterns and colors go together because I was a blessed with a "fashion eye" better known as the "fashion plug."

What are your accomplishments as a model? As a model, I have not reached any major accomplishments mainly because my purpose in getting into modeling was to promote my styling from my point of view. All the modeling shoots I recently done were all styled by me. I plan on one day becoming a Victoria Secret model, but first I want to step into the fashion world as a stylist first with multiple talents to back me up. 

How can people reach you online?  I can be easily reached online by my Instagram @juellealexandra or @styledbyjuelle or through email at info@styledbyjuelle.com . I also have a website with my bio, services and portfolio at www.styledbyjuelle.com 

Tell us about your world as an actress? As far as acting goes, I started about a year ago. I received an opportunity that I couldn't let pass me by. I never acted before then, unless it was doing a skit in school. I thought acting would be easy, well it looks easy. But I've struggled with several emotions through the process but I've grown through the process as an actress and a person. I'm currently starring in an international movie and I travel monthly for it. It's an amazing experience, and has taught me a lot. I can't wait to see myself on the big screen.

What makes you a hustler?  I would say what makes anyone a hustler is anybody that has the ambition to get money by any means necessary. I've been working since the age of 14, but when I was a little girl the hustle was in me. I use to set up lemonade stands and have garage sales to earn more money than my allowance. I currently have 5 different hustles at the moment and counting, there's no such thing as a break. But I know that it'll all pay off one day.

What three things do you credit your talent and accomplishments to?  I would say the three things that I would credit my talent and accomplishments to is:  

God- without him I wouldn't have been blessed with all this talent. He knew what was destined for me before I arrived, and he pushes me everyday to greatness. I'm really blessed because some people don't know what they were put here for and its a struggle to find out. I was lucky to know when I was a little girl, that fashion was it.

Passion- My passion for my talents is also something that keeps me going. The feeling of being passionate about something is the greatest feeling ever, I literally glow when I speak about my talents. The feeling really keeps me pushing towards my goal, because I know I want to live a life full of passion forever. 

My supporters- my family and friends honestly get credit for my talents and accomplishments. They're always there celebrating with me, supporting me, pushing me and backing me up with everything. I couldn't do it without them. 

Do you feel like you can dress someone better than they can dress they self? Why?  I feel when I'm dressing someone I look at everything. I look at the way their body is shaped, the color of their eyes, skin tone, etc.. So therefore I know what will look good and what won't. I believe I can dress someone better than themselves because of my fashion eye" that I was blessed with but at the same time I respect others style.

Any last words? 
Last words: Always follow your passion, that'll lead you to your dreams. - Juelle Alexandra 

What is one goal you want to accomplish this year? One goal I would like to accomplish this year is becoming a full time stylist/ personal shopper. Which requires a lot of promotion and new clients but it is obtainable 

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