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Kara Louis

Posted by da Front Porch on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 Under: Models

 What is your name, nationality and where do you live and have lived?
Kara Louis, Jamaican, I was born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in Miami, FL I currently live in Tampa, FL

 As a model what is your most embarrassing moment?
Having to walk down the runway in a two peice bathing suit

What was your funniest moment as model?
Walking down the runway at rehearsal and getting my heel stuck in a crack and tripping! lol

How has modeling and parenting worked together?

It is not easy balancing both parenting and modeling. I make sure to take part in shows that I am not ashamed to tell my kids about or show them pictures of; I have to live my life as a living example for my kids...they come first in my life, modeling is just a hobby.

 How can people contact you?
I can be reached via Facebook at www.facebook.com/karalouis, my cell 813-334-5447, thru George Forman at Touch Money Gobal INC - 813-445-2775 or his emailTouchmon3y@gmail.com or email at KNLouis@gmail.com

Tell us how a photo shoot works?
Most photo shoots start the day before with a stylist gathering all the looks for the shoot the next day, The day of the shoot - hair and makeup is done early in the morning. Once that is done its time to snap shots! Most of the work is done by the model, but they have to pose with confidance and listen to the direction of the photographer and stylist.


What else do you besides modeling?
Other than modeling and being a mom, I work full time doing accounting for a car dealership, I work with an Entertainment Agency call Touch Money Global INC, and I do personal styling as well. I enjoy spending time with my kids - we ride bikes, go fishing, and fly kites. The kids enjoy playing board games, going to the beach and the pool as well. I make it a point to keep my kids active. We also enjoy going to church and going to different church funtions.

What places or things do you do to block out the negativity of the world?
I place all my trust in God and focus on the postive things. If you place your focus on the negative, you will miss out on the many blessings God sends your way.

How can people see your pics?
All my pictures are on my Facebook page www.Facebook.com/KaraLouis

  What advice do you have for aspiring models?

All good things come to those who wait...I have done A LOT of free shows and shoots. A lot of jobs are for trade (I model for you and you give me pictures for my portfolio) Do not take any jobs you will regret later. Pictures are FOREVER, remember that!

Tell us about your tattoos?
I have 4 tattoos, They all mean something to me. I have a shooting star behind my ear that goes to the back of my neck; I got that after getting my second degree. I felt like I passed the star I was reaching for so it will forever be behind me. I have a Treble Clef in a heart in the middle of my back; my family is huge in the music industy and I love music, they have always had my back. I have a vine of flowers coming from a heart with a butterfly, this was my first tattoo, I got this one when I came to Tampa for college. The heart is my heart, the vine is for growth, the rose buds is for new beginnings, the buttrfly is for freedom. I have one more tattoo on my anckle of a butterfly; this one was free lol I took my 2 best freinds from middle school to get thier first tattoo's and I got mine for free! lol good times! :)

What is success?
Success is what you make it! I feel successful even though I'm not famous or "crazy" rich! I'm blessed with 3 healthy kids, getting remarried to the man of my dreams, buying my dream home with them and I have 2 degrees! I am truly successful...I have the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior and so do my kids and husband to be, no one can take that from us!

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