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Posted by da Front Porch on Friday, May 6, 2016 Under: Dancers
What is your name? My name is Kassidy Luvit

Where are you from? I am from DC

What was growing up like for you? Growing up I was very sheltered. I was not hip to what was going on in the world. I was more hip to what was going on in Church and school. I was more book smart than street smart.

How did you get into exotic adult entertainment? I got into exotic adult entertainment after I had moved back to DC and realized that this dance instructor job wasn't paying enough.

Tell us about your original creative style of entertainment? My original creative style of entertainment, I would definitely say is more seductive, sensual and artsy.

What are some things you want to accomplish in the near future? In the near future I'm hoping to fully launch a mobile dance studio and to get further in my modeling career as well.

How can people find you and keep up with you online? People can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Periscope  @KassidyLuvit

What is a hustler? A hustler to me is someone who would stop at nothing to become successful. Someone who can lose it all and gain it all back.

How do you deal with haters? I don't. I don't give my haters any type of power or attention.

What is one thing you want changed in your community? I want the community itself to change. I just wish there was more involvement within the community, as far as keeping it clean, keeping the children off the streets and being more aware of actions around the children.

What makes you keep grinding? The struggle keeps me grinding. I keep grinding so that I won't have to ask anyone to do anything for me.

Any last words or shoutouts? Do you, Be you! I would like to give a big shoutout to the people that believe in me and has been guiding me these past months: Spank, Cclark, and Ms. Dee and Thanks to my supporters.

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