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Kendra Allure: 2016 Calendar

Posted by da Front Porch on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 Under: Models

Thanks for the second interview, can you please re-introduce yourself with your name and where you are you from? Thank you for having me again! I am Kendra Allure, from Tulsa, Oklahoma but I'm living in New Orleans, LA. 

How long have you been a gym rat? Since I can remember! I've played ball since middle school and been in a weight room since then too. So let's give it more than 10 years I have been a faithful #GymRat  

What are your favorite sneakers? My favorite sneakers are THE Jordan Retro Flint 13s. Retro 1s, 4s, 12s and 13s are my favorite, them come Nike Air Max, Adidas Superstars and a bunch of other styles of sneakers like Reebok Questions and Asics. Sneakerhead for real! 

Steph Curry or Allen Iverson? Allen Iverson. I'm an OG type of person and watching AI play the way he did was something that can't be matched. His swag and handles were just A1, you couldn't keep up ! Don't get me wrong I like Curry and love watching him play but Allen wins.  

Where can people see your pictures at? You can see my pictures on my Instagram @kendraallure or my model mayhem page at http://www.modelmayhem.com/1968547. I have website coming soon which will host all my my work and events,  

How can people find you online? Well follow my IG, Twitter, SnapChat @kendraallure. That's where I am mostly online at. 

What is a hustler? A hustler is an opportunist. A mindful, innovative entrepreneur that has found a way to turn something so simple into something so beneficial towards gains, personal or not. Hustlers ask questions while acting, mistakes are just lessons learned that come with the territory.....what isn't a hustler.....


Can you tell us about your calendar? Yes I can! Well, I have a calendar available for purchase on MagCloud at http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1065028?__r=637388. It's a 12 month poster calendar in digital and print. Let me help you keep track of time! 

Any last words or shout outs? I have a magazine that will be coming out this month as well so look out for me there! Shoutout to Tony at Malkia Publishing, William Hawkins and PhotoJay. And most notedly, the fans that I may have out there! 

What do you want to see changed in your community? Seeing more people come together for a greater good other than something that's violent. Standing together as a community to uplift and build for the future instead of tearing it down. These days, people only think for personal gains and self while stepping on others along the way. These things are what I would like to see changed. Wishful thinking.....


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