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Posted by da Front Porch on Monday, February 29, 2016 Under: Actors/Actress
1. What is your name and where are you from?
I’m Kemah Bob of Houston, Texas. Yes, we do love the way it goes down but not any more than the rest of yall! 

2. Can you tell us a little about who you are and your dream goal?
I’m an individual who respects others as equals. In finding my individuality, I found that I am a mad dreamer. At the moment I can think of like ten things I’d love to do. My dream is to work down that list, reaching my full potential and inspiring others to do life their way. 

3. What are you doing to make your dream your reality?
For me prioritization and constant self improvement are key. I’m 21 and am still trying to figure out how to human and adult effectively. I’m learning that I must do more than is asked of me and than I expect to do. When building something brick by brick, each tiny block is crucial in producing a final product. I try to lay one brick daily in the form of a task that’ll lead to where I’m headed. Then there are the bigger pieces of the house. For example, I have just been accepted to three postgraduate programs in London. An MA Television is a nice window, ain’t no damn brick! 

4. Who inspires you to shine even on the darkest nights?
My mom, who had me at this age and worked hard to raise the fuck out of me. My Nana, who has the spirit of a little kid at nearly 70 and has experienced so much of life. My grandma Ruth who has always done her best to raise 5 kids alone and help raise their children. I’ve seen these women work, love and fight to make me who I am. To be honest, they’re still doing it. 

5. How can people find you online?
I’m currently conceptualizing a website & podcast for myself and others called the SchismFreePrism.Love. I want the name to be self explanatory. I hope that by sharing my views, I can help others see that our prisms are not all uniform but shaped by our experiences and that’s okay. The Schism Free Prism is to launch on my birthday (3/20) and I’m accepting visits as gifts. Beside that, I like giving myself nicknames - my Twitter handle is @_KeazyTaughtMe, IG: Keazdom & Snap: Keazmatic. I really need to stop. 

6. What is a hustler?
Someone who makes a way out of no way. A struggling hustler leaves home knowing there is one piece of chicken in the fridge for her family’s dinner tonight and won’t head home without a full bird. An effective hustler never lets the pollo get low. 

7. What is like in L.A.?
Los Angeles is an interesting place because it has layers. Before you can dive into Hollywood & celebrity culture, you have to see this densely populated city for what it is. It’s a place where the wealthy & poor are in close proximity yet remain isolated. On a positive note, there is a market/audience/community for you to be almost anything you want here. It’s not that dreams come true or some shit, it’s just a huge city. 

8. What changes do you want to see in our communities?
I want to see more respect and protection for Black women. More financial literacy and empowerment for all of us. I want to see more genuine teamwork/brotherhood/sisterhood and unity, especially where it counts - helping each other reach goals. Lastly, I want to see folks being themselves. We peer pressure each other into not reading because it’s corny, then make fun of the only kid in class without $150 shoes none of which adds to us.

9. Why is it important to have original creativity?
 It’s important to make your own wave because someone needs it. Someone needs YOU living in your truth to live in theirs. What you have to say/do is valid. It’s real and nobody knows how to get that message across like you do. 

10. Why are you prismatic?
I’m prismatic in the way that we all are, I’m just choosing to call attention to it. Every one of our minds is a prism, interpreting information and sharing what we take from it similar to a prisms work with light. Our individual realities and opinions are not absolute, but simply interpretations of what we've taken in. By understanding how we are prismatic, we can better recognize and respect the views of others and contribute to a more prismatic culture with less division. 
Cough SchismFreePrism.Love cough. 

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