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Posted by da Front Porch on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 Under: Models

1. What is your name?

My name is Mikia but I like to be called Kiaa yes with two A's 

2. Where are you from?

I Am from District Heights MD but I was Born in Southeast D.C. Maryland is what I rep though. 301 forever! 

3. How can people find you on social media?

My Instagram is @realbigbenjiima My Snapchat is : kaviarbaby twitter: @benjiimamii and Fb: benjii j. Mamii these are my social media accounts 

4. What does modeling and singing mean to you?

Modeling to me means to provide art using your body, meaning You can tell a entire story based off of pictures. That's how powerful photography is. It also depends on the persons delivery. Anybody can just sit in front of a camera but it's takes a "Model" to Sell that shit. You gotta have the passion for it. It'll show in your pictures, you gotta have that spark in your persona. That'll make a photographer say, "oh yeah I need her, get her on the line," or even say, "she hasn't got it yet but I can mold her into what she needs to be." Modeling to me is telling a story with pictures, no words......but pictures . To me modeling is showing the world your many faces and abilities , to have the world crave you. It's millions of models out here but you have to be the authentic rare kind of model that differs you from everyone else.. that's just my opinion. I started singing since I was about 5 yrs old, it eventually progressed as I got older and I grew into my voice. Singing to me is my get away when I sing or I'm just listening to music everything seems to fade away.... the day to day bullshit I face doesn't exist in those moments. I love the reaction I get out of people when they ask me to sing. I always seem to amaze people because my singing voice differs from my talking voice I never got any bad comments on my singing except that I need voice control...lol I was kinda offended but I had to look at it from a professional point of view. Singing for me is my peace of mind to know that God blessed me with a gift I barely use is upsetting because it's a waste of talent. I just fell off from it a little bit but I've never, never will stop loving it. It's apart of who I am . 

5. How has London Dior inspired you?

London Dior has inspired me by showing me anything is possible. Me and Dasia was the same age. She was such a rare breed of female that it almost made me wanna cry like the way she spit them words out like it was natural to her. She was so amazing, it was just like damn, I gotta know this girl she's too dope. Her ambition reminded me of myself. It made me think to myself you got a voice that you don't use, you could be up there with the big dogs doing your thing like London. She just made me want to be a better me. I mean who would've thought a girl from Clay Terrace would've reached the goals she reached. Seen the things she saw. Went the places she went. She was such a humble but yet vicious (in a good way). She was just unique. We will never have another Lundy like ever . The crazy part is when I was younger I always said my performance name would be KiaaDior. I don't think that's it a coincident either. I remember when I mentioned her on twitter and told her that I'm fucking with her music heavily. She's a bad bitch and rapper. I even told her I sung and would love to work with her... she just never got around to replying. So when I got the news that we lost our D.C. Princess I was heartbroken. She had so much life ahead of her and it just opened my eyes to life.... London motivated me to never stop trying so that's exactly what I'm going to do  Rest easy baby girl and thank you for just being you. it taught me how to be me and not care about what mf got to say.

6. What is a hustler?

A hustler is a determined person ... someone who will make ends meet no matter what it takes, someone who can really make a dollar out of 45 cents. I'm a hustler. I'm never without. I always make shit happen regardless of the situation. "Can't should never be in anyone's vocabulary." A hustler is simply a person who makes shit happen without seeking any handouts and I mean that in every aspect! 

7. Any shoutouts?

Yes. Shout out to God first and for most my Lord and Savior. Shout out to my grandmother for raising my difficult ass all 19 years. I don't know how she did it. I would've killed me lol !! Shout out to my Dad, he supports me non stop, he gives me just the right amount of tough love. 

Shout out to DafrontPorch for seeing me and believing in me it's appreciated so much 

And last but not least shoutout to my friends/family etc .. that support me in everything I do I love you guys 

8. What do you want to see changed in your community?

The killing and the hypocrisy! It's so sad that we are no longer being murdered by police but we are killing each other. We are doing exactly what society wants us to do.. they are laughing at us . How does black lives matter ONLY when its others killing us NOT when we are killing each other. It's sad and it's hypocritical 💯

9. All last words for the readers?

"Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream.... it's up to you to make that dream a reality or to revisit what could be when you close your eyes," meaning if you gotta dream chase it. All the distractions will be there later on in life... you gotta remember them mfs ain't gone feed or finance you so you gotta Grind for you ! 

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