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Posted by da Front Porch on Thursday, April 28, 2016 Under: Services
What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Kimberly Powell and I'm originally from Broooklyn, NY

Why did you choose to become a Registered Nurse?
To be honest from the time I was in elementary all the way up until high school my parents hit a rough patch and yes we bounced back but I knew one thing was for sure, and that is that I would NEVER allow myself in my adulthood to go through what I went through in my childhood. I experienced having to sleep in a car with family, to staying in multiple hotels, to staying with friends of the family and family members. I knew that wasn't the life for me, not only that but coming from a Caribbean culture I was taught education is important. Now my father really was just fond that he would be able to brag I was going to be a nurse and how much money I would be making so I really didn't want to do. Coming from a career of cosmetology I was upset that it didn't pan out the way I imagined. There were so many people who weren't even licensed to do hair at the time that messed with business and so I could only really depend on back to school time or any holidays. That's when I knew it wouldn't be enough. One day I came home and my pops said "So what're you doing with yourself, are you gonna go to school or get a job or what." You can just imagine how disgusted I was like "Really, you can't be talking to me. I do hair and when ya'll need money I help so what are you saying." My father is an islander so he had an immigration lawyer and one day his lawyer told me to be a plastic surgeon so I ran with the idea and with my pops' statement that played in my mind I went to school. I hated everything about it. I only enjoyed getting the supplies but as I prayed to God for clarity I meshed cosmetology and medicine and said to myself "Okay, I'm gonna be a surgical nurse and make it work for me." 

3. While balancing school and life, what did you learn about yourself?
Wow, that's a good question. I learned to rely on God. Medical school busted me up. I was drained, frustrated and I couldn't stand my parents. They expected me to produce great things and never even considered how hard it was to make it happen. I had nobody to turn to and literally through prayer and fasting I managed to stay focused. A lot people think balancing is just physical but it's mental because life can really beat you down.

4. What is the next thing you want to do in your life?
I'm definitely going to continue with school until I get my PhD. I don't think there are enough African American doctors. It's not just about me, my future or my family but my culture and community. I come from a mixed background of Jamaican and Cuban decent.

5. Your hair has a very original and creative style. What do you call that and how do you manage your hair?
Well I'm natural. I went natural August 11, 2011 and even though I had already attended hair school they never taught me about natural hair. I was taught how to permanently straighten it (relaxer) or reform my curl pattern with a perm but not how to embrace it. YouTube was my best friend. I'm a big fan of the Mane Choice hair products and Shea Moisture brand. When I'm not doing my hair I get hair done in protective styles like plaits, Ghana braids or sew-ins. 

6. What is something you want changed in your community?
I currently live in Pompano Beach and I may live in a nice area but not far from me is Collier City, and from the city covering 27th to Blount Road is full of homeless people lined up on the grass. It's one of the most heartbreaking things to see. I wish I had enough money to help them all but I'm currently asking for people to donate any blankets they're not using because during the winter I'm putting something together to give out hygiene kits, bottled water and blankets to the homeless. 

7. What is a hustler?
A go-getter. A person with ambition who won't quit until they see the desired outcome

8.What is your meaning of success?
Success for me means enjoying life, doing the right thing (by God), accomplishing my goals, having peace, and being content

9. Any last words or shout outs?
I just wanna thank God first and foremost because without him I am nothing. I can say I have one good friend her name is Shannay. That's my ace right there. Through school she's always had my back and she's been there since day 1 so I'm thankful for her. I wanna give a shout to the babe David. I'm smiling right now just thinking about him. My parents never knew I had to repeat two classes in college and he knew and stood by me. He encouraged me, helped me get closer to God (the greatest thing of All time), because of him I was motivated in the gym instead of taking the easy way out to opt for surgery which is what happens to most women nowadays (African Americans). Oh my gosh he helped me to embrace everything about myself. Oh and I wanna shout out to Kolyon. I don't know him personally but I can appreciate the local artist trying to come up. Too many of them get Hollywood and act like they're better than others but he's humble

10. Can you tell us about your tattoos?
I have a heart that says Love on my shoulder surround by smaller hearts. This I actually got when I just turned 18. I was in my first relationship. I was in love and we became a couple on Valentine's Day and I thought a tattoo of this red velvet candy box was life. The smaller hearts were those small candy hearts that have the cute little words on it. I just thought that was such a happy moment and well I wasn't getting his name so they was a reminder of him. I have a flower and stars on my side which really didn't have much meaning. I dated a tattoo artist and he did it for me because I was bored. The one on other side is of stars and music notes. This one actually just represented the power music held in my life. Music can make you feel every emotion and music just helped me to hold onto happiness. It helped me to shine and my last tattoo is cheetah print on my thigh. I'm a big fan of animals but It just represents my spirit animal. If I was an animal I would be a cheetah. Most people say lion but there's a certain elegance about a cheetah. I have a great capacity for empathy and know exactly how to respond to the hurt, pain and suffering of others. I'm fearless in the art of tough love and will tell it exactly as it is but have a way of saying things to remove the "punch" in delivery. I also respond quickly to all opportunities as well as dangers in life. I have a tendency to be solitary but I'm very choosy as to who I trust and bond with
11. How can people find you online?
People can find me on Instagram @Virtous_K_

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