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Posted by da Front Porch on Sunday, March 6, 2016 Under: Other
 My name is Lana & I'm from Brooklyn, NY

My collegiate journey has been life changing. I was always a good student but my grades weren't good enough to get into my dream school so I had to take another route and start in community college. I think that was the best decision I ever made. It allowed me to go to school for free and turn my 2.7 gpa in high school into a 3.4 gpa. It allowed me to be in school today going after my Masters degree.

My plans after graduate school is law school. For a long time I feared law school and stepping out of my element of what I'm used to but for 2016 I decided to let my fears go and focus on getting into law school once I graduate with no fears holding me back. 

My biggest inspiration is my father. Just to see all the sacrifices he has made for me to achieve my goals. Even paying my tuition as an undergraduate in college so I wouldn't owe as much now that I'm getting my masters. With his help and support I know that anything is possible and what helps me fight harder for my goals and dreams to come true.

My best vacation was Disney World when I was 12 years old. My whole family went including my older brother and sister. Family is so important to me and to be able to spend that quality time is something I'll always remember besides the scar on my left leg from falling at my hotel. Lol 

I can be reached on Twitter @lovelayxo Instagram: Lanagr.am Tumblr LailaBlogs.tumblr.com 

One of my goals was to finally get my permit and start driving lessons. Living in NYC you don't really need a car because we have trains and buses but I finally got my permit and I can't wait to drive.

A hustler to me is someone who doesn't tolerate nonsense and works hard  for what they want by no means necessary.

Bernie Sanders is someone who I believe would make a great president because he cares for the people especially during this time with police brutality against African Americans. I like that he wants to make college free or even cheaper than it is and I know that he has my vote as long as he is still in the running. 

Thank you for interviewing me I never thought I was that important enough to be interviewed and this means a lot. Also thank you to my father for his constant encouragement and support and my amazing grandmother who passed away last year who I carry in my heart everyday. 

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