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Posted by da Front Porch on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 Under: Artist
1. Tell us how your company started and where it is located?

When I was approximately 13 years old I fell in love with the art of tattooing, and I was passing most of my time each summer in tattoo shops looking at flashes hanging on the wall, tattoo machines and ink bottles. At first it was like something calling me, until I did my first tattoo on my arm when I was about 16 years old, and that was the beginning. It was hard to convince my mother to let me enter that if you want to call it: "lifestyle" until 2012 when a tattoo kit was sent to me as a birthday gift. And now after 2 years, our shop is a well known Tattoo Shop located in Mansourieh Lebanon. That include a variety of sections from tattoos and piercings, to graphic and web designing, air-brushing, graffiti art, and also guitar and bass repair shop.

2. Why should tattooing and piercings be considered an art?

Tattoos arrived to our world with the arrival of man kind. It was a culture back than. Every man or women had tattoos. We can see paintings on cave walls of peoples who where heavy tattooed back in the prehistoric scene. In our new world some people see the tattoo as an art, others don't like it. It is based on what culture and religion you are from.

3. How can people contact you on social media?

At first it was hard to let others know about us, but after creating an Instagram and twitter account, opened a page on Facebook and created a website, and by the help of well known pages in Lebanon our contact and basic information are entering a good amount of houses. And of corse friends and old clients plays a big roll in advertisements by spreading the word.

4. How does it feel to have a satisfied client?

When a client contacts me after 7 months telling me: "Jean-Jacques you may not recognize me, but you gave me a very beautiful tattoo that every one talks about," is like giving me the whole world. And that's the most important thing in our business: good reputation. Otherwise, you won't have clients.

5. What was one of the most interesting pieces you all have created?

A girl called me once, she wanted to do an Arabic calligraphy of a phrase she wrote. It was: "writing the story of my life, by my self". It was an easy job to do nothing complicated, but the feeling I got when I finished that piece couldn't be compared with any other piece I did.

6. What motivates you to keep living your dream?

What motivates me to keep living my dream, is specially, doing others dreams written on their body for a life time. Beside that, the good reputation I have and the love of art and tattooing.

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