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Posted by da Front Porch on Sunday, April 30, 2017 Under: Rappers
London Dior stopped by DA FRONT PORCH for a 1 ON 1. Her music is dope. Her style is authentic and her passion continues to build. Make sure you check out her music and follow her on social media.

My name is London Dior and honestly, me, my mother and my brother was all in the car one day thinking about a cute poppin name until finally we came up with that one lol. 

I'm from Washington D.C. Clay Terrace NE. My grand parents been living around there for about 40 years. Rhys where I grew up.
I was 12 when I first started rapping. I been into the entertainment business but it wasn't always rap. I was more into hip hop dance and singing when I was little but one day I told this girl to upload some music on my phone. She uploaded Nicki and I was like damn like inspired me like shit to rap. Once I got into it it was a wrap.
I'm trying to accomplish so much by the time I am 22. I'm trying to be signed to a label or have enough knowledge to build my own foundation and have my own label. I'm 20 years old right now but by 22 my life will be different. Promise!!!

People can find me at Lundy_badass on snap chat and Instagram and lundyy_badass on twitter #iamlundy on Spinrilla and London Dior on YouTube 

The only advice I have (for people who want to get in the game) is to stay focus, stay humble, stay motivated and determined and most importantly have faith in God. Keep away from negativity (and) put whatever you go thru in your music or any craft of your choice.
Shout out to God, all my Lundy supporters, my family and friends and the big hommie Ross of course.

A hustler to me is a person with ambition. A person willing to go get and achieve anything they put their mind to despite the difficulties or obstacles that present it self. A hustler takes care of all their responsibilities, their families and a  hustler hustles.

I want to see my community come together as one and stop hating one another. We need to push and motivate each other, try to take control and conquer the world and help and support one another.

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