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Malik D: 2 Advanced

Posted by da Front Porch on Thursday, October 30, 2014 Under: Rappers
Name: Malik D, but I'm a man of many names. Some call me Dilla, Dope Dilla, Dolla Dilla, Johnny Loot. It all depends on the person's preference or who I feel like that day.

From: Born and raised in the Rotten Apple, New York City.

Style of Music: I hate restricting or limiting myself to one style of music because I try to listen to a variety of music and draw inspiration from every spectrum of music I explore. But I mostly rap and sing, normally in the style of R&B/Soul.

Songs to tune in for: Well out right now on the soundcloud page are 3 songs 2Advanced, Muse, and Jurni2Freedom. More in the following weeks, people should look for songs  like Runaway, The Day Job, The Longing, The Answer (In No Time), Peace Out, and more.

Products: There's a mixtape floating out there online called The Basement that I was featured in. I was also featured on 2 songs from Reepah's mixtape, Generation X. Recently I was featured on KM's mixtape, Accountable, on a song entitled Potent. And I made 2 guest appearances and did background vocals on Eli D'Vinci's mixtape, No Genre, on 2 songs called 165 Calm Flex and Portishead. I've released 4 songs, "Wake Up Call", "2Advanced", "Muse", and "Jurni2Freedom". And I'm working on a mixtape, Fear Of Success, and also an EP with my collective, LOOT (Land Of Opportunity Team), both should be released ASAP. All my work can be found on soundcloud.com/malik-d.

Contact: Contact me on twitter: @dilla_thelooter
Instagram: dilla.loot

Inspiration: I draw inspiration from life. I look at my life and the lives of those close to me and I try to find the music to accompany the words that will tell our story. I'm inspired by other artist, I'm a creator as much as I am a fan. And I incorporate my thoughts in order to give the listener some content and a message. The goal is make music that resonates and speaks for our generation. 

Thank you for this opportunity. Truly appreciated. 

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