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Mason Forbes

Posted by da Front Porch on Saturday, January 23, 2016 Under: Photography
1. What is your name and where are you from?

   My name is Clarence Mason. I'm best known simply as "Mason." I'm from Mobile, AL, the birthplace of Mardi Gras (Shoutout to the #251)

2. Please tell us about your original creativity?

   I took a digital photography and photoshop class in the 11th grade. I was hooked. I continued to teach myself photoshop throughout highschool and college. I would spend more time editing pictures than studying. I began editing selfies for popular and attractive women on Instagram which is where the followers and recognition started coming in. I was discovered on IG by a now good friend of mine who owns Rebel Life Media in Ohio. He invited me to shoot the Urban Model Awards with him in Atlanta, GA in 2014. There was really my first time photographing models. It catapulted me into the industry. After this point I started photographing models to show my creativity. There aren't too many more things that are more inspiring than the female body. People loved my images. This is how the "Edit God" brand was born. 
 Jasmine-Brook: Shot during my Miami mansion shoot last summer
3. As a photographer, do you feel instagram models have made it harder for aspiring models to get the respect they deserve?
   Hmm.. Instagram models certainly get the most attention..but no. I actually prefer to shoot the aspiring model. I love creating them. There's so many "it' girls. I'd rather take aspiring models and make them the next ones up. 

4. What gave you the confidence to travel with your camera and grow your model agency?
   Well after the Atlanta trip went well, my confidence rose. 4 more months later I was in Miami shooting for Black Diva Magazine. Another successful trip. I had never made that much money before. My confidence rose again. Then 2 months later I was shooting with Al Cole Studios in New York for Black Diva Magazine again. So at that point I just kept traveling and taking pictures. I felt I was good at what I do and had enough of an influence to start a team of beautiful models and manage their careers. Shoutout to The Goddess Modeling Agency models: Bianca, KuMari, Rosa, Johnna, Chulee, Megan and Tamara. 
 24KTheModel: Shooting with 24K was great. We shot at her condo in South Beach
5. How does graphic design play a role in your business?

   I created my own logos. I can create my own flyers to promote myself and my business partners. I also freelance design for clients. It saves my business a lot and it makes us a lot too.

6. How can people view your work and did you on social media?

   My Instagram name is @MasonTheEditGod. Same on Twitter. My agency is @GoddessModeling on Instagram. Same on Twitter.
   My website is http://MasonTheEditGod.com       My agency website is http://GoddessModeling.com
 Regina-5v4: Was shot during my 5 day mansion shoot in Miami last summer. Rejina was amazing to work with. A beautiful house + a beautiful woman = magic.
7. What was your funniest moment during a shoot?

   The funniest moment I've had during a photoshoot would be during one of my live shoots in Miami. There was about 20 models and maybe 50 guys there watching the event. Some guys had the nerve to be trying to ask their models for their phone number literally DURING the photoshoot. I hate the word "thirsty" but...yeah

8. Why are you a hustler?

   I'm a hustler because I have no choice but to be. Being raised in a family of visual and musical artists teaches you how to go get it. Dropping out of college to pursue my dreams has to pay off. I also have my own family: a one year old daughter, Miya, that I want to give the world to. I hustle for my last name. 

9. What's your definition of success?

  Success is achieving your goals and living comfortably and in happiness.
ai-400: Shot in New Orleans with Lai. Do you know how hard it is to get onto the roof of the Mariott and take pictures?

10. Any last words or shoutouts?

  I just want to give a shoutout to my followers and fans (there's a difference) that's held me down since day 1. They've got to watch me come a long way. Shoutout to all of the aspiring models and photographers that follow me. I hope to continue to inspire you. 

Thank you for this interview. It was a pleasure. Bless up.
             - Mason

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