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Meshante: Photorealistic

Posted by da Front Porch on Thursday, January 28, 2016

1. What is your name and where are you from? Im known as Meshante . I was born in Queens, New York and now Pembroke Pines, FL

2. How can people reach you on social media? Instagram @meshanteisart Twitter @meshanteisart

3. How did you get into art? I guess you can say I was blessed with the gift. Both sides of my parents families can draw. My mom always tells me when I was little she bought me some art supplies and that was it from there I was hooked. I'm a self taught artist didn't go to school for it.

4. What are some of your favorite drawings? I've always loved drawing Portraits as photorealistic and as detailed as possible. My technique I started doing on mostly all my portraits are mixed with different mediums. Colored pencils, watercolor pencils, markers and paint. One of my favorite drawings would have to be my Marilyn Monroe drawing I did. It's not as vivid as the drawings I do now. But something about it still makes me stare at it.

5. What does hip hop mean to you? I believe hip hop has come along way it's accepted by all different backgrounds and races. To me it's a culture, it's a lifestyle. And it can come in many different forms whether you are a rapper, deejay, poet, visual artist or even a dancer. Hip hop is a way of expression through the beats, the knowledge you get from the lyrics they speak of what goes on in the world. It tells a story and it speaks to me in so many ways. I will forever be apart of Hip Hop.

6. What inspires you to create your original creativity? Most of the time I get my inspiration between 12pm - 5am listening to music. My mind races at night and I just think of all kind of crazy ideas and eventually it all comes together. I've always been fascinated with vibrant colors, fashion, exotic souls, other dope artist and just pure Mother Nature. To save the best for last my family and my beautiful daughter inspires me everyday.

7. What your goals with your art? My goals in art is to build my craft and challenge myself to new styles. I plan to open a gallery where all dope creative underrated artists can show there art. I know they already have a few out there but from my experiences so far showcasing at some. I see they already have there cliques and groups that they stick with. And your artwork is pushed in the back burner. I want everyone who walks into my gallery to feel like they are #1.

8. How do you deal with haters? I use to think Haters were relevant but now I just believe why would they be haters if they're so interested in my life lol!! But I just ignore negativity. I must be doing something right right?

9. What is a hustler? A hustler can be put in so many ways depending on how you look at it. But to me it's someone that's going to get what they want and need by any means necessary. I'm a hustler when it comes to my dreams and talent. Regardless of what others say I still go for what I believe in even when it seems impossible I take the challenge. A hustler never sleeps or at least I don't lol! I hustle with my passion which is my art and nothing can stop me from succeeding!

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