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Posted by da Front Porch on Saturday, April 22, 2017 Under: Rappers
1.) What's your name and tell us about where you are from? Miss Raindrop but you can call me "Drop," I'm from Columbus, Ohio full of people that supports me and some that don't but I love my city.

2. You've been grinding for a long time. How do you keep yourself relevant? Yes I have! I stay involved. I stay dropping new music/projects and stay low key unless it's an popping event or booked of course.
3. What is one thing you want improved in your community? I want to do more fund raisers and give back. I'm actually starting my first annuals this year 2017 for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

4. What are you currently working on? I'm currently working on my first album and relocating to a new city and state.

5. What is harsh reality about the entertainment business? It's a dog eat dog world.
6. How can people find you online? Instagram and twitter @ miss_raindrop Facebook, sound cloud and iTunes @ Miss Raindrop or google Miss Raindrop

7. What would you tell someone one who wants to get in the entertainment business? It doesn't happen over night. Don't give up and remember you are your only competition. Stay relevant.

8. Any shout outs? First I wanna thank God and shoutout my fans/supporters. Also my team MPP. I wouldn't know what to do without y'all. Also DaFrontporch for keeping it locked with me.

9. What's your definition of sexy? Bold, confident, smart, and victorious.

10. What is your definition of a hustler? Getting out the mud from ground up, no hand outs, taking what you have and making it something greater,  being self-employed.

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