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Posted by da Front Porch on Sunday, July 5, 2015 Under: Models
July 4th, 2015 was intensely explosive. What started off as twitter interaction quickly became an impromptu One On One Interview with Ms Lisa F. Check it out:

Ms Lisa F is a model, stylist, choreographer and actress. She also has her own modeling company and is a mentor as well. Among other things this beautiful exotic Hype Hair published model is also a designer and planner for YGB (You Gotta Believe). Her experience is relentless and full of passion even though she has mad many rocky hills to climb on her ladder to success.

Music: 4 years
Modeling: 8 years
Choreography: 10 years
Acting: 2 years
Styling: 5 years
Fashion Producer: 5 years

"I've always wanted to help people as well as model when I was small. This has always been my passion. I love what I do. I sleep, eat, walk, work fashion and my company."

2015 Goal 
"2015 is already going to be done in September because its a new year. So moving and growing my company...then what is now!"

Ms Lisa F has had some failures but believes that we all learn from it. She overcame her obstacles by keeping God first, being positive and "learning who I am as in self and then learning everything else."

Strength, wisdom, faith. "Without this you can't survive."

Ms Lisa F is also known as Lisa Mya Maria. She is Puerto Rican, Indian and Black which helps to explain her exotic vibrant caramel skin tone that beautifies her flowing brown-red hair accompanied by her therapeutic brown eyes. She also has a killer smile and sexy lips. All and all, she is still a Jersey girl with ties to Los Angeles, Atlanta and Miami. Lisa Mya Maria is the founder and CEO of Ambitious Models is also an assistant for Boundless Kreations Fashions and DO for YgBunited (Trademark).

Her healthy lifestyle regiment includes working out, eating healthy, drinking lots of water and always staying positive. "[It] makes you look young and sexy too.Sexy is being confident and mature! A women who has confidence and who is very attractive is called being sexy. Not taking off your clothes. We all can do that! But what some women don't have is self-confidence and maturity." - Ms Lisa F

Ms Lisa F enjoys traveling, the beach, the Kava Bar (which she told me is a tea, she even't sent me on a wikipedia hunt) and hanging out with close friends. Her everyday attire varies but she loves wearing heels, dresses, jeans, etc. "I like to look different. More of a Cali overseas style. But sexy all the time." Her favorite color is red. She is a Virgo. Her birthday is September 7th. She also said she can't leave her house with her business cards and phone plus she loves dogs and butterflies.

"Music is freedom and speech. [There's] nothing like music. Stress relief" - Ms Lisa F

Ms Lisa F has a simple list of attractions when it comes to men without discussing looks. Her list includes intelligence, maturity, a man who has goals and is well educated. Unfortunately she has had her heart broken twice but she doesn't break hearts or smoke. She does enjoy wine and dancing to music with good beats. Her favorite artist is 2Pac, favorite food is Chicken Alfredo and her dream vacation is Bali, London and Paris.

Ms Lisa F's work can be seen on her website. Her work has been seen by many people in the United States and overseas. She would like to work with Diddy because he can teach her business along with Jay-Z. To keep a balanced business and personal life she says God is always number one. 


Instagram- @lisamyamaria7

Twitter- @mslisaf

Website- www.lisa-Fitzgerald.com
Www.ambitiousmodels.com- Coming Soon!

Bookings- ambitiousmodels@gmail.com
Waist- 27
Hips- 37
Height- 5"7
Weight- 130lbs
Eye Color- Brown
Hair Color- Brown Red
Skin complexion- Carmel

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