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Myra HotAzz

Posted by da Front Porch on Saturday, August 27, 2016 Under: Rappers
Artist Name- Myra HotAzz

The west coast, born in washington DC, Raised in Oakland, Ca aka the town, the bay. Where everyone is known for saying hella and getting hyphy.

My newest  single to check for is No Competition produced by dj flipp which will be dropping early September. Currently have a single called Remind You on iTunes.

I've being involved with music since i was 13 years old, i didn't really begin to take it serious until the last 4 years, so on a serious note ill say about 4 years but I've always been involved in the performing arts since a young age because i went to a performing arts middle school. 

Online I have a sound cloud, a reverberation page, and an instagram that I'm currently active on. Not really into youtube, twitter but i do have those accounts everything is myrahotazz when you search for me. 

A hustler to me is someone who is always working, no breaks, 24/7 365 days, a person who doesn't make excuses, and gets it done by any means, a hustler to me is a person who makes the best out of any situation, somebody who can survive any situation they are placed in even with very few resources. Smart hustlers are some of the most successful people because they are always thinking of a way to get ahead, stay ahead, and win. Hustlers in one word to me are SURVIVORS. 

In my community i want to see more unity, more togetherness, i believe it honestly takes team work to make any dream work. Less violence more community outreach.

Shout outs to my best friend mcRed, her production company tikiTv, my Ent company ICE&BRICKS, my mom & my son for being my daily motivation to stay focused and everyone who supports the music I'm pushing. Shout out to everyone who likes, share, press play on my links, & spend 99 cent on a song.

A week in my life is 1 word BUSY. I have a 4 year old son so I'm always doing something. School drop offs, karate classes, listening to beats, video treatments, studio sessions. Im always on the go, its like 24 hours isn't enough for all the stuff I have to do. Not to mention I'm back in college to finish a degree I started years ago. My week is fast paced and busy, lets just say I have insomnia. 

My son is my biggest motivation he keeps me going, music is my passion I've been into it for so many years never giving it my all, over the last year I just decided to go for it. I don't know what can happen if i don't try, right? I'm inspired by all the people I see grinding hard for what they believe in and what they want to become or change in the world. My sons smile though is what really keeps me going hard. My movements determines his future. I've let myself down in the past by giving up but he's someone depending on me so he inspires me to give whatever I'm involved in my 100.

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