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Mz Hunnylee

Posted by da Front Porch on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 Under: Rappers

My birth name is Amy Lee but I kinda picked up Hunny over the years from wearing honey blonde all the time and of course bring sweet :) I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I moved to Atlanta two years ago. Hip-hop means a lot to me, it's a way of life. Music is universal! 

Being sexy and a lyricist is kinda like a catch 22. It's great because a lot of people underestimate you but at the same time you can scare a lot of people away because men expect you to be soft and girly. BAG OF O'S is my current video and it's basically very sexy with a gangsta feel to it. 

The color that represents me the best is black. I just love it. I'm in that faze right now where I'm just hungry. I'm coming in like a thief in the night. It's sexy and mysterious just like me. 

 Teamcameltoe originally came from me having a big toe lol. Guys was calling me Cameltoe so I kinda turned a negative into a positive. Teamcameltoe is a girl power movement sending a message to women to stand out be different and be great at whatever you do. I feel like in music we are divided too much and I feel like pussy rules the world. It would be nothing without women. I'm motivated by my two children. In the struggle period knowing I want a better life coming from where I'm from a lot of people don't make it. I watched my mom struggle on SSI for so long I know I want more for myself and my babies. 

People can follow me on Instagram @itshunnybitchs 
Twitter @mzhunnylee
Facebook @ the official mzhunnylee fan page 

As for me doing my thing, I can't leave my house with out my lip-gloss and my gun. Two things that people don't know about me hmmmm, well one, I enjoy staying in the house, I hate clubs! And for two I enjoy cooking.

I think beauty comes from within. You can be pretty as hell but ugly as hell if you catch my drift. The heart makes you a beautiful being.

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