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Posted by da Front Porch on Monday, June 20, 2016 Under: Athletes


1. What is your name and where are you from?

NC: My name is Nicole Chaplin, The Fitness RockstarTM

My roots are Jamaican and my birthplace is Miami, FL.


2. Why did you decide to be a personal fitness trainer and did you have any other career passions throughout life?

NC: I decided to become a personal trainer because I saw the happiness people felt after they worked out or engaged in a fun exercise routine. I wanted to be able to be a person to bring that feeling to others who aren’t self motivated.


I began using my Marketing degree from the University of Miami in the music industry when I first moved to New York City. It was a wild and amazing ride but then I decided that my positive energy would be of better use if I channeled it into fitness, health and wellness I was right.


3. What was the experience like being on Good Morning America as well as the magazine publications?

NC: Any time a media outlet reaches out to me to be featured I am grateful because I know that my brand is growing. I am able to touch lives by being who I am and enjoying a life of all around goodness.  Being on Good Morning America was fantastic because Mommy could turn on the TV and see me jump roping and exercising for the world to see. Seeing myself in Oxygen, Shape, Fitness Rx for Women, Black Enterprise and the list goes on reminds me that fitness is important and I’m being recognized for my talents.  It makes me smile and keeps my faith going.


4. What is a goal you are working on or this year?

NC: My goal this year is to debut my 2nd book (title not released yet) and have the crowds talking for months to come about my Essence Festival “Fit and Dance” performance on “Centerstage” in New Orleans.


5. How has the social media boosted your notoriety?

NC: Social media has been a phenomenal tool for me. People see my exercise routines and inquire about my “YES MAM” book or personal training with me and it brings me joy that a 15 second video or a picture can garnish so much attention and at the same time inspire.


6. What is one thing you want to see changed in your community?

NC: I would like to see less smoking and obesity in my community.


7. What is a hustler?

NC: A hustler is someone who is on fire with their goals and knows they have to push beyond their limits but it will pay off.


8. What is a week in your life like?

NC: A week in my life consists of many things from personal training sessions with clients, interviews, traveling often to various cities speaking to various groups about health and wellness and also of course working out!


9. Any shout outs?

NC: Yes I would like to shout out Mommy, my best friend LeC, and above all God and Christ because with them I can do all things. Also, how can I not say a shout out to YOU! Thank you for allowing me to share my way of life and movement through your platform.


10. Any motivational thoughts for someone who needs that inspirational push in life?

NC: The more you are in tuned with who you are, the less you will be distracted. Minimize the distractions as much as you can in your life and you will soar to higher and higher heights. Blessings.



The Fitness RockstarTM

Bella X Fitness, Owner

Master Personal Trainer, Pro Model & Author





instagram @nicolechaplin

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Twitter  @nicolechaplin

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