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Posted by da Front Porch on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 Under: Blogger

1. What is your name?

2. Tell us about where you are from?
I'm from Philly, or Philadelphia 

3. What does your passion for songwriting and singing come from?
My story, is still being written, but I would like to share with the world, what I have been through so far, it's interesting, I'm 20 but my soul is old!  I love to sing, that's all I do all day long! I love putting words together and there are so many people out there that relate to me and what I go through! 

4. What inspired your Storytime youtube vlogs?
I actually love YouTube I look at the  YouTube sensations for inspiration. My story times are real life experiences. For instance I was punched in the face at McDonalds! That really happened, and I did a story time to advocate safety and just being aware of your surroundings! 

5. How can people find you online?
You can follow Me on IG @Nydialyrics
Twitter @NydiaLyrics YouTube @Nydialyrics

6. What do you want to accomplish in the near future?
Before I'm 25, I am working to be in the music industry I want to be Rihanna Big! 

7. How has being very attractive become a blessing and a curse in your life?
Being a attractive has a lot of perks, you get things for free, people just randomly do things for you, it's just nice, but sometimes being pretty and having A LOT of attention can be a little overwhelming.

8. What is a hustler?
A hustler to me is a person who strives to have nothing but the finer things in life. A hustler wakes up every morning with thoughts/ways on how to get at a Dolla!
A hustler doesn't understand "Broke."

9. What do you want to see changed in your community?
Less violence, people kill each other over the most simplest things, it's weird to me.

10. What is your meaning of sexy?
Sexy is owning every aspect of YOUR individual look, inner confidence is sexy, sexy starts within! 

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