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Posted by da Front Porch on Monday, January 18, 2016 Under: Models

1. What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Paris Taylor. I'm from Brooklyn, NY. I am of Jamaican decent and Jamaican raised.

2. What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty to me is a persons inner self that no one can see unless digging into a persons heart. Beauty to me is something that only you as an individual can bring about and  around you in the way you in vision it.

3. What have you done as video vixen?
I have done a lot of  video shoots for friends and family. Shoots with photographers from different states with different views and looks for me to build my portfolio. Recently I was featured in Canvas Magazine issue#23 for breast cancer month thanks to Ceddy J, owner of Duskspot.

4. Tell us about your music and what influences your music.
I've lost music files due to the fact my e- fiance was my producer etc. and deleted my files but I've got books with songs for days and beats on my phone that I practice all the time and soon will have a mixtape for the people to hear. What influences me is my 4 yr old son and life in general. The people in it.  Music gives me a chance to express feelings I don't get to let out all the time. I try to be humble when it comes to being a people person lol

5. What keeps you hustling? What keeps me hustling is once again my 4 yr old, and these crazy men I've came across in my life that weren't shit and me just wanting the lavish life I've dreamed of since I was a little girl.

6. What your definition of sexy?
Sexy to me is being comfortable with yourself and loving who you are and not being afraid to show whomever you desire to see your "sexxyness." Just love your body and all that you are.

7. What's your goals for 2016?
My goals for 2016 would be save more $$, making more connections, networking a lot more, promote myself harder, push business plans, find investors ...just basically keep my ambitious drive and let nothing stand in the way of what I want.

8. How can people reach you on social media and online?
My Facebook is Paris Taylor Live
My IG is @thinslick_mz.paris
Ny twitter is @ParisTay_Live
My personal email is Tayloranne.levy@gmail.com

9. What's your dream vacation?
My dream vacation is any where summer ready, maybe Hawaii.

10. Any shoutouts or last words?

Shout out to 50mg team.. shout out to Ceddy J at Duskspot .. Shout out to my cousin, former rapper Special Ed and a big shout out to all vixen models doing their thing working hard and looking sexxy ...I'm always ready to work .

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