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Posted by da Front Porch on Friday, September 26, 2014 Under: Rappers

Well Hursh Da Front Porch Hustla, my name was Rain when I was a dancer. I stopped dancing New Years 2014. I get called "Drop" cause I drop hot shit, lol "sweet sixteens," so I just put it together! "Raindrop" but its Miss Raindrop Queen of Miss Priss All Boss Chycks.

Hip hop is telling a story through music from the soul.Everybody got a story to tell, Hip Hop will forever live. It feels great to be a female rapper, the rap game for females is wide open and I'm honored to be another voice for the ladies.My ethnicity is black, white, indian, German, dutch, an Italian.I'm from Columbus, Ohio 614 baby!

Miami is like my second home, I have family from Ft. Lauderdale. I actually did my second video "Get Cha Weight Up" ft. Yung Luciano there and I performed live at King Of Diamonds. Now that was an experience.

I'I'm currently working on two mixtapes DROP! The Mixtape" an Alter Ego. I'm getting together my single and also doing features so I'm pretty busy. I've released my first mixtape "Ready For The Storm" thats on live mixtapes. Thank you to everybody that has already downloaded it.

9. People can contact me through email Bookraindrop@gmail.com and follow me on twitter and instagram @Miss_Raindrop my website isWWW.MISSRAINDROP.COM but its currently under construction right now.

10. I wanna shout out all my fans an supporters an my Miss Priss, Street Cinemas, and Street Execs family.

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