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Same Ol Block - Young Trizo, Bugsy, Kane

Posted by da Front Porch on Sunday, September 2, 2012 Under: Welcome To My Boring Life
Location: Opa-Locka - Miami, Florida
Date: June, 2012
Reason: Young Trizo, Bugsy, Kane - Same Ol' Block video shoot A-Line Entertainment

I had to start my morning off how I ended my night, with a Bud Light. I met up with A.J., the man behind A-Line Ent. in Carol City and headed straight to Bunche Park for Young Trizo video shoot for Same Ol' Block with Bugsy & Kane. A.J. has his business presence wrapped tight - "if you need them here at 10, tell them 9." So true, huh? 

At the park I caught up with CEO of Monsta Muzik- Monsta X, Ju Ju James and Bugsy. Everybody was hurting from the night before but this ain't the first time a hustla had to get to the money so it was nothing to make it happen.

At the abandoned house location, it look like a bomb was set off. Lean on one wall and everything is tipping over. Add that with the insects and rusty nails, and you gotta scene that'll make you watch the video twice. Young Trizo of A-Line Ent., could be a comedian if he wanted to make that move. He had everybody rolling - from sitting on a hot ass whip, to what wold go down if the police came in the abandoned home and when Opa-Locka's finest made a guest appearance to stop video shoot at the corner store. What is a todd video without the hood corner store.

Kane had an energy level of 5 mollies. He kept it real G in the all black with the black flag. The Same Ol Block video link http://youtu.be/7xAqo8RD0Us

In : Welcome To My Boring Life 

Tags: young trizo  kane  bugsy  aline ent 
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