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Posted by da Front Porch on Thursday, January 14, 2016 Under: Blogger
1. What is your name and where are you from?

- My name is Sierra, Also known as Siekol (it's sierra and nicole mashed together) and I am from Bellflower, Ca. Woot Woot!

2. How did you get involved in music blogging and what is PERSPCTV is about?

-Since High school, I've been blogging. My focus was on Fashion and style. I'm not going to lie, blogging about fashion is cliche, especially coming from a girl. So, my avenue was pretty much all over the place and I did not know how to stand out. So blogging about fashion was my "thing" up until early 2015. I began instablogging. My name went from Siekol to PERSPCTV. PERSPCTV came from my personality and my long conversations with enlightened individuals. I love speaking on spiritual topics, conspiracies, and consciousness. When I blog on Instagram, I give my piece of mind, my perspective on everything, then when I'm done with my spill, I ask, "Tell me what's your perspective on it." Everything snowballed into music thanks to my bestfriend/ boyfriend who is a producer, he drop knowledge when it comes to music. I believe in his music so much  that I started promoting his music as well as his music-camp SOUNDVTION. And honeeey, let me tell you. As soon as the homies and my followers caught wind of it, my emails and my DM's were submissions and a ton of interesting and beautifully made music. They love how I put the artistic videos with the flow of the song, so I just immediately got inspired and fell in love with how passionate my peers were about music and art. Now #perspctvplaylist is booming right now!
3. What has been your highest point in the business?

My highest point would is still to come, only because i'm continuously linking up with people, I'm always meeting new faces, making new friends; Everyone I speak with on a business level, all become my good friends. So it's kind of like I'm living the highest point. making people happy or thinking they've made a step forward to their dreams because I'm blogging about them, is my ultimate high. I like this shit. I like supporting my people, my peers, they need that shit. You feel me?

4. How important is humility in your line of work?

-Independent art is the most underrated art. For someone that's on the come-up or trying to get out there, is a hassle. The hard work we put into to even getting our followers, peers, some "friends" to click a damn link and give us 2 minute of their lazy ass days to support us, is equivalent to pulling teeth. I respect indie artists before I jump through hoops trying to find a leaked drake CD online. It's a humbling feeling when I know I did what ever it took to help promote my peers. It's important as a blogger to give my peers a voice, indie artists what to pledge against the lack of support. I'm going to stand up and be that platform and hope my blog gets it's viewers it needs!

5. What key points would you want to tell someone who wants get involve with music blogging?

  1. Leave out the gossipy stuck up act. Music is an art not a Wendy Williams hot topic. Art should be respected, all forms of art. Some bloggers love speaking about celebrities and give their opinions, that's fine, that's not my thing.
  2. I advise you to actually research on every artist you want to write about. Especially an indie blog. 
  3. Listen to every genre. Pop, rock, alternative, oldies, 70's, just everything. It helps when you actually listening to these songs. You will here a beat and recognize the sample. (I love beats by the way)
  4. When you listen to a submission, listen to that song 5 times.Llisten all the way through, listen to the lyrics, listen to the beat, listen to the flow, listen to it all at once, let it grasp your soul. that way you can critique it properly. what people tend to do is hear a song, not like the beat, then just skip it. Nah, take your time
  5. Go to music events, showcases, network, get your face out there. shake some hands, have meetings.You're a music blogger, you must do this.
6. What inspires your style as a fashionista?

- I love minimalism, simplicity, classic, clean, but sometimes I love sweats, head scarf, and a pro-club tee shirt. I bounce between the both depending if i'm going out or if i'm stepping out to the grocery store. BUT as far as inspiration, I must say every cool girl I follow on Instagram. I love looking at beautiful colored girls like myself with the coolest styles. 

7.What's the last song you were listening too?

- "But they face a court case when the child support's late, Money taking and heart breaking now you wonder why women hate men, The sleepy silent men, the punk domestic violence men, Quick to shoot the scene, stop acting like boys and be men" That Lauryn Hill Still slap til this day!

8. What's going in the music world these days and what is the music world missing?

- Music today is a bitter sweet. We still have our beautiful Rhythm&Blues, neo soul, alternative, Kendrick, Cole, Janelle Monae, and so on. But lets get on black culture. Black culture took over music, fashion, and just all art in general. Hell, even sports. But the way our people are set up, we lack unity and support within our own race. We complain about how Macklamore, Iggy Azalea, and unknown individuals to blacks get awards, but we cant even vote for these artists or buy a CD but quick to spend $600 on a hoverboard. The same thing with supporting a black owned business. It falls down on indie artists as well. It's like, Damn, just help! Then we get artists like Chief 'Fucking' Keif, Rich Nigga Quan, and Young BootyThugg who we just love to talk about, lack of talent, lack respect, can't even pronounce words correctly. We have street Niggas talking about killing people and glorifying everything we need to get away from as a unit. We need to do better and give your independent people a chance. We're letting these dumb niggas taking the place Real talented people.

9. Any shoutouts or last words?

- Yes! Shout out to my Bestfriend and Boyfriend, JaiLilaj who I've known for 6 years now, he is an outstanding Artist and producer, his music career dates all the way back to the jerkin' days. He's dope! Shout out to his brother, best friend, and my friend, Charlie Jay. The whole Soundvtion crew. Check them out on instagram. Everyone who's promoted already on my instablog under #perspctvplaylist, shoutout to yall! My 2 Girls Had-Loc and Ken-Dawg and my brothas Carlton and Jordan. My website and playlist will be releasing February 2016 on tumblr. Doing it right for Black History month. 

10. What 3 words describe you and why?

- I hate this question because I get very greedy with my confidence and I usually give 100 words to describe myself other than just 3 because i'm crazy like that, but I'm a Queen who's passionate, humble, crazy as hell, conceited, outgoing, adventurous, exciting, talkative, silly, happy, loving, caring, respectful, motivational, artistic, creative, and i'm everything else great. That's what I imagine my E-Harmony "About me" section would look like if I'm ever single with 20 cats at the age of 60. 

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