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Starr Joy

Posted by da Front Porch on Sunday, December 8, 2013 Under: Models

1. Real name and preferred name -  Sharonda Young/ Starr Joy

2. Birthplace – Augusta, GA 3. What was your childhood like? I was always outgoing and didn’t hang outside kids. I mostly hung out with older crowds. I was also very independent and started making my own money at a very young age.

4. What was high school like? High school was good. I was in the Honors program. I’ve always been very smart even though I skipped a lot. Most people in high school loved me and the people who didn’t ever had a really good reason why. I usually only hung out with my family and with the older crowds outside of school.

5. What did you do after high school? After high school I joined the U.S. Army. I stayed in active duty for about 3 years. That was when I was medically discharged. Next, I moved to Miami to further my education while hoping to follow my dreams.

6. Why do you want to model? Modeling has always been something that I have enjoyed. I truly love the camera and I feel that it loves me back. Overall, fashion is passion. I hope to one day have my own clothing line and cosmetic line.

7. Why do you want to host? I’ve always been able to keep a crowds attention. I enjoy speaking in front of people. I also enjoy being a part of the reason people are having a good time with good entertainment.

 8. Why do you want to act? Again, it is because I love the camera and I love giving the audience attention. I do that very well.  Acting is modeling with words. Just as with modeling your body movement, language, facial expressions and overall demeanor plays a major role in the outcome. This is something I truly love.

9. Where are you living? I am currently living in Miami, Florida.

10. How can people contact you? People can easily contact me via email at lovestarrjoy@gmail.com or give me a call at (877) 566-6654 ext. 915
My IG is @mrs_starrjoy11. What is your sexual orientation? I am a lesbian ☺

12. What's up with you and Hello Kitty?
I love Hello Kitty and what she represents. If you notice she has no mouth but even with the absence of her mouth she still brings a sense of cheerfulness and joy. It as if Hello Kitty can match whatever mood you need at that time. I also relate the absence of her mouth to the gracefulness of women. A woman has the ability to brighten up any room and the ability to gain the attention of the world without having to even open her mouth to say a single word.

13. What color represents you?
Pink! It’s a girly color. Pink has various shades. It’s different, unique and stands out. You think of JOY when you seen pink. It’s never used in relation to evil, sadness or negativity.

14. What are your hobbies? I enjoy writing songs, poems and short stories. I also like to travel, try new foods and visit new places. Another one of my hobbies is the beach. I also love to hang out with my close friends and family. Mainly, I love working on myself and bettering myself so I can become the best at what I can do.

15. What's up with you and Lil Wayne?
  <Giggling> Just for clarification, there is nothing physical or technical with us. I just express my fascination with him. He is very unique. I love his style. Lil Wayne makes great music and is very comfortable with himself regardless of how anyone views him. Lil Wayne is also intelligent and overall well put together!

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