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Posted by da Front Porch on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 Under: RADIO HOST
What is your name and where are you from?
- Sunni And The City. I'm originally from Bosnia but I grew up in Detroit.

What is your job role in the entertainment business?
- Midday Radio Host at WPGC 95.5 

What is it like being a Bosnian woman in the hiphop community?
- I honestly don't view it as different as any other woman in the industry. I fell in love with hip hop and the culture when I moved to the United States in 1997. I got involved in the communities that I worked in and got connected to the people that supported me. It's important for me to show all women that you must follow you passion despite it being a male dominant industry. 

How can people find you online?
- Twitter and IG @SunniAndTheCity

Why is it so important that you give back to the community?
- I live by "if you're not poor enough to receive charity, then you're rich enough to give it" ... We all as people have an obligation to look out for one another and contribute to our communities as much as possible. Especially if you have a platform and a voice to encourage/inspire the masses. 

What is a hustler?
- A hustler is someone that is passionate and persistent. A go-getter against all odds. A hustler may fall but a hustler gets back and up and never gives up. It's all about your mental state and truly 100% believing in yourself. 

What do you want to see changed in your community?
- There are so many issues that people are facing. From discrimination, racism, bigotry, poverty, and so on. Obliviously I would love to all of those things eradicated but life is hard. One of the main issues that I've seen here in DC is youth homelessness and it's completely heartbreaking. To see so many struggling in the most powerful city in the world is unacceptable. That's why it's important for us to get involved with organizations like Sasha Bruce, Covenant House and many more that are helping people get back on their feet and live a great life that they deserve. 

Are there any programs or functions you would like the readers to know of? 
- I would really love for everyone to find one issue that they're most concerned about and research it in their community. Find the organizations that support it and get involved. It can be anything that you care about but just GET INVOLVED. DC is a city with 100s of non profits that need community involvement and each resident here should be obligated to help out in any way. 

Can you leave words of motivation for those that need that push to succeed?
- When you give work so hard and give 100% to your craft, you will not fail. You will not allow it to fail. You may slip up and get discouraged, fall down, but you will always get back up and try again because you're THAT dedicated. Keep working!! 


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