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Posted by da Front Porch on Tuesday, July 12, 2016, In : Models 
1. What is your name?
My Name is Paris Ward.

2. Can you tell us about where you are from? 
I'm from Hayward, Ca ( Kelly Hill ) heart of the Bay Area...  About 5 mins from Oakland (freeway travel time).

3. How did you keep that South Beach Mami shape? 
I hardly ever workout but when I do, I eat clean, and work out for about a months time.

4. How are you able to keep grounded and humble knowing that everything you are doing is going viral and loved by many? 
I guess people now days want someone that i...

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Posted by da Front Porch on Monday, July 11, 2016, In : Other 

         What is your name? Dashing Lane

Can you tell about where you are from? 
I am from Orlando, Florida but I currently reside in Washington, D.C.


WWhere did you go to school and why did you choose to go there?
For my undergraduate studies I attended Florida State University. For graduate school I currently attend Howard University and I made the choice because I wanted to get the “HBCU Experience”. I wanted to attend a school where African-American Studies would be embedded in the curri...

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Posted by da Front Porch on Saturday, July 9, 2016,
1. What is your name? 

2. Please tell us about where you are from?
I was born and raised in Orange County. My background is Jamaican and Italian.

3. How has bullying effected your community? 
Unfortunately my community is non-supportive because they don't think it's an urgent issue. 

4. Was there a particular reason you chose to take a stance against bullying? 
I was always getting bullied and made fun of growing up and the fact that kids are killing themselves over this made take a stance. Th...

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Posted by da Front Porch on Thursday, July 7, 2016, In : Athletes 
1. What is your name? Nia Symone Sapp

2. Can you tell us about where you are from? I was born & raised in Decatur, Ga better known as East Atlanta.

3. What does basketball mean to you in? Basketball is my world, I honestly don't know where or who I would be without it. I really can't imagine my life without basketball, it is truly a blessing.

4. Why are you Tupac’s biggest fab?  Growing up without having a father in my life, Pac has uniquely filled that void if that makes sense. He's inspiring...

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Posted by da Front Porch on Wednesday, July 6, 2016, In : Blogger 

1. What is your name? So my friends call me Steff or Steffcouture but my real name is actually Estephany. Very Hispanic thanks to my Dominican parents. Lol

2. Can you tell us about where you are from? I was born in the Bronx, New York and moved down to Miami in 2001 due to the 9/11 attacks that happened in Manhattan that year. My parents thought it wasn't safe for us anymore and 2 months later we were already residing in Miami. 

3. What is Steff Couture TV ?  SteffcoutureTV is actually a blog/o...

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Posted by da Front Porch on Tuesday, July 5, 2016, In : Rappers 

What is your name and where are you from?

Mr Smith aka Bo$$ Money from Duncan Creek which is Laurens County, South Carolina.

How did you get into the music business?

In 2006 when my dj buddy from Ohio, Mike Casino liked what I had recorded for him and told me I should make a career out of it.

How does your city influence your music?

My city is my music. Every picture I paint and every story I tell reflects where I've came from and been through. I'm active in the streets in my city so I'm able to r...

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Posted by da Front Porch on Monday, July 4, 2016, In : Deejays 
1. What is your name?

My name is Shon; however, I am the infamous DJ MF Sunflower, and yes the MF is for Muthaf**kin! Lol!  

2. Where are you from?

I’m from both Indianapolis Indiana and Houston Texas. I was born in Indy and then later moved to Houston.

3. How can people find you online?

The easiest way to find me is through my website www.djmfsunflower.com 
My social media: 
Instagram @sunflowerthedj

4. How did you first get interested in being a deejay?

My grandfather was a...

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Posted by da Front Porch on Friday, July 1, 2016, In : Bartender 
1.What is your name? Stephanie Powers aka Sensay.

2. Tell us about where you are from? I grew up and live in Vineland, New Jersey. 

3. Tell us about your physical transformation. Why did you do it and how did you accomplish this goal?  Growing up I was always a thick girl. However it wasn't until my Junior year that I started to put on weight. I moved to Florida when I was 20 years old for my manager job out in Orlando. I worked at a Sonic Drive in for almost 7 years which didn't help with my w...

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Posted by da Front Porch on Wednesday, June 29, 2016, In : Blogger 

1. What is your name?

2. Tell us about where you are from?
I'm from Philly, or Philadelphia 

3. What does your passion for songwriting and singing come from?
My story, is still being written, but I would like to share with the world, what I have been through so far, it's interesting, I'm 20 but my soul is old!  I love to sing, that's all I do all day long! I love putting words together and there are so many people out there that relate to me and what I go through! 

4. What inspired your Sto...

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Posted by da Front Porch on Wednesday, June 29, 2016, In : Services 
1. What is your name? Hazel Amari (pronounced Hay-Zul  Uh-Ma-Ree) 
2. Can you tell us about where you are from? Well I was born in New York City , Raised in Bridgetown Barbados. I'm a city girl for the most part . 
3. Tell us about your life as a make up artist? I wouldn't really classify myself as an MUA . I'm just a makeup enthusiast meaning someone who loves makeup and I'm passionate about it. 
4. What do you do in the medical field? I'm a Medical Assistant , soon transferring over to be an E...

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Posted by da Front Porch on Friday, June 17, 2016, In : Rappers 

1. Thanks for the update interview. Let the readers know your name and about where you are from? My real name is Kenyatta Williams but my stage/artist that I go by is Franchise I'm from Miami Gardens, Florida.

2. How has this year been treating 5 Star Music Group? This year have being successful, we had the song Go Ham reach 10k playing and we added our newest artist Prissy Roqk aka Lil Prissy. She is the first lady of 5Star Music Group.   

3. What would you base some of your success from? My s...

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Posted by da Front Porch on Sunday, June 12, 2016, In : Singers 

Miami’s own STEPH LECOR of POE BOY MUSIC GROUP is the First Lady of WE THE BEST MUSIC GROUP. The song SATURDAY is produced by the two local Grammy Award nominated producers BIGG D & LAMB.

Her manager E-CLASS asked her to do the song SATURDAY. He wanted her to just try the song out even if she didn’t like all of it. After recording SATURDAY, she had a meeting with DJ KHALED the next day and walked out with a WE THE BEST chain.

“I really love what I do and I have a lot of fun with it. It ma...

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Malik D: 2 Advanced

Posted by da Front Porch on Thursday, October 30, 2014, In : Rappers 
Name: Malik D, but I'm a man of many names. Some call me Dilla, Dope Dilla, Dolla Dilla, Johnny Loot. It all depends on the person's preference or who I feel like that day.

From: Born and raised in the Rotten Apple, New York City.

Style of Music: I hate restricting or limiting myself to one style of music because I try to listen to a variety of music and draw inspiration from every spectrum of music I explore. But I mostly rap and sing, normally in the style of R&B/Soul.

Songs to tune in for: We...

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YOLO BILF: Rear View

Posted by da Front Porch on Monday, October 27, 2014, In : Rappers 
1. What is Yolo Bilf's message to the streets?
Stop killing the youth dem and build real unity for a better future with knowledge, love, and understanding. 

2. Where are you from?
I was born in South America till the age of 3, then I moved to Brooklyn, New York till my coming year of kindergarten I moved to Hyattsville, Maryland P.G. County side where I beenn at for most of my life.

3. What label are you rocking with?
 My label is Foreign America Enterprise 

4. What inspired the song Rearview?
Well ...

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Kendra Allure

Posted by da Front Porch on Thursday, October 23, 2014,
1. What is your name? Kendra Allure

2. Where are you from? Tulsa, Oklahoma

3. Why do you feel you are sexy? Mainly because I believe I am. I feel I am because I don't look like the next female. I'm tall, athletic build with curves and some thickness. 

4. What is the best thing about being 6'1? Haha, seeing above most people when I'm in public places and I don't like to blend in and look like another person. 

5. How did you get into the modeling business? I had always had an interest in mo...

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Posted by da Front Porch on Thursday, October 9, 2014, In : Rappers 

It’s been two years that Turk has been home from the penitentiary and says it’s all love to be home all day everyday grinding. “God first, family second and everything else falls in play.” YNT Empire is the label. YNT comes from Young N Thuggin, his solo album with CashMoney. While locked up, he was thinking of ways to brand himself as empire. YNT stuck out because he started the Young N Thuggin movement when he was with CashMoney so he shortened it up and it became a movement. It sta...

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Posted by da Front Porch on Wednesday, October 8, 2014, In : Artist 
1. Tell us how your company started and where it is located?

When I was approximately 13 years old I fell in love with the art of tattooing, and I was passing most of my time each summer in tattoo shops looking at flashes hanging on the wall, tattoo machines and ink bottles. At first it was like something calling me, until I did my first tattoo on my arm when I was about 16 years old, and that was the beginning. It was hard to convince my mother to let me enter that if you want to call it: "li...

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Posted by da Front Porch on Friday, September 26, 2014, In : Designer 
1. What is the soul purpose of Yera Brand?

YERAbrand was created in in order to provide fashionable, trendy, celebrity inspired and custom fashion at an affordable price. YERA is names after Yerusalem Gebregiorgis, a close friend of mine that passed in 2010. Initially I named my clothing line after her, we were like sisters, then I also thought of an acronym to describe my vision of what I wanted the clothes to represent: youthful, elegant, retro, and artistic women's fashion.

2. What steps did...

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Yung Samu: Miami's Wild Child

Posted by da Front Porch on Friday, September 26, 2014, In : Rappers 
My name is Yung Samu and I'm from Miami,Florida.
The music I make it come from the struggles I have been through in my life coming up in the streets in Miami.

Hip Hop means a lot to me because it gives me ways to help others with my music because there are a lot of soulful musicians that have spoken to me through songs.

My accomplishment by the end of the year are to have more listeners and people that can relate to the things that I talk about in my song no matter if it's in a positive way or n...

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Posted by da Front Porch on Thursday, September 25, 2014, In : Business 
Brandon Stewart "Beezy" born and raised on the Southside of Houston Texas from Hiram Clarke to be exact is in several businesses. The first is 713 Motoring where he is the Vice President  working with Ashworth Barnes @713motoring on Instagram CEO and Michael Stoneham who is the manager @mike713motoring on Instagram the second is 713 Films where he is over managing and organizing video shoots, promotions and events along with VJ aka #\@mr713films on Instagram, 

He has been with 713 motoring f...

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Papa Doc

Posted by da Front Porch on Thursday, September 25, 2014, In : Rappers 
My name is Papa Doc. I came about as a result of the relationship that my grandfather had with the Dictator "Papa Doc" that once ruled the Island of Haiti. I'm from Jamaica Queens originally but also lived in Florida and presently living in Brooklyn. My past projects include my Album/mix tape "Built for this... Now or Never"  hosted by Desert Storm - DJ Don Demarco.
I currently have a Single out called "My Papa" witch is available on iTunes. I'm performing doing shows. I recently opened up fo...
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Posted by da Front Porch on Wednesday, September 24, 2014, In : Models 
 1. What is your name? Ms. Peppa

 2. What is your ethnicity and where are you from? Puerto Rican, indian and black. I was born and raised in Harlem, New York

 3. What are your measurements? 36-29-42

 4. What do you think about motorcycles? I think they are expensive  but worth value and are beautiful. This is why they have shows for different kind of motorcycles. But they can also be dangerous. Several people lost their life or lost part of their body from accidents driving motorcycles. I hope w...
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