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Trapped In Fashion

Posted by da Front Porch on Sunday, September 2, 2012 Under: Welcome To My Boring Life
Host, Brandon Wilson described The Fariest Couture. INC charity fashion show "Separate, Unique and Whole." His co-host was Delpha & Delerice aka The Barbie Twins. Double the beauty + Double the personality = AWESOMENESS!!! Together the three of the kept the audience smiling, laughings, thankful and also eager for more. I was able to meet up with a couple of the vendors. D of Players Preferred Apparel & Accesories LLC (playerspfrd.com) has great designs of clothing in both Miami and Atlanta. Shanrika Oliver and others of Color Me Thick: A Theatrical Runway Show (8/26/12 Joseph Caleb Center) were surrounded by great accessories. 

The charity was to create awareness of AIDS and also violence against females. People we must each play a stronger role to protect our society. WIth this said, please got get tested for AIDS and do what you have to do to stop the violence. The dancer, Prinshad Lee is a very skilled ballet dancer and the actors and actresses were amazing.

The models were stunningly beautiful, make up was on point and the designs were all magical. Please take the time to look up Fariest Couture INC. , Rebelles-Fading In The Wild, Certified Apparel-Sequence Seduction and Pretty House Apparel. Rapper, LS Spade blessed the stage with 2 tracks. Be on the lookout for Miami-Spade County coming this Fall. 

Thank you for your words of knowledge Dr. Marie Claude-Herard, Sister In Crisis INC. and Nadege Vilsaint. And a special shout out to the woman that gave us all a wake up call with her testimony.

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