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Posted by da Front Porch on Thursday, March 31, 2016 Under: Other

What is your name and where are you from? As of the age 5, My name is Trish Cordero. I am a Miami native, but I am a cultural enthusiast. I rather not be based on the fact that I say I am from Miami, as many people think of other things, than what it really is. 

Did you attend Calle Ocho or Ultra Fest this year? If so, how was it? I was very fortunate to be able to attend both events. As well as many other festivals that occur in the area. These two mentioned events are very different in styles of music, but very much the same in the reason of why people attend. We all just want to have a great time, enjoy music, and dance. Calle 8 is a block party style, in which, you can hear and smell before you even get there. This is the day you starve yourself before, just because you know there will be so many good things to munch out on. Things from various countries, new twists on old dishes, and best of all.... majority of them all are local mom and pop stores. On the other side of the Spectrum, there is the 3 day non stop Ultra Festival. The reason I say it is non stop is because the party usually begins around 1pm the Thursday prior to it starting. For people whom truly love this music culture they are too excited to wait until Friday. Pre-parties, pre-clubbing, house parties, the actual Concert at Bayside.... This is 3 days non stop (or last as long as you can). For some people the vibe of the EDM, trance, house or electronica music is enough to keep them going. If you are like me and ganja blaze, you need some actual sleep. Ha, ha. But, I am still 30 years young, and 4 hours is usually enough for this particular weekend. Festivals are fun, I enjoy them a lot. I meet wonderful people from all across the World, and get to listen and learn from their life experiences. But, we all go to them for some reason. 

What is a week in your life like? 
My week....  Well, I live by the motto, "Sleep when you are tired, Eat when you are hungry. Live Everyday." In other words, I go to bed around 1 or 2 am, and am up at 6 am everyday. Work or not. I cannot stand to see life pass me by for any reason. So whether or not I have something planned for the day, or I am finding a new adventure. I am up and moving at 6am.... sometimes I sleep in until 7. Lol. But, that is rare. Having children I must balance our schedules. Making sure that everyone gets to do what they like, as well as, still trying new things (as something we like to do a lot). But, between Dance classes, Drum circles, work, and play.... We always find time to set-up date nights and ensure we have conversation when we can. Everyday is a new chance for adventure, i'm up for it. Are you?

What keeps you motivated in life? Everything. From my family, to seeing good changes come about in the World. I know that people say I dream too big. But, the Universe is my limit, not the sky. ;) Some people just do not seem to Understand that there is nothing to stop us from doing better or anything. No taboos. No definition of the word "can't" (which is a bad word in my house). 

What are some of your biggest accomplishments? 
Besides raising an awesome child. Um.... I would have to say the fact that I can go out and converse with others so simply and be able to change or influence their perspectives on how they see things. There are many more people I would love to reach out to, but hopefully the ones I have can continue to reach out to others as well. Kind of a domino reaction, if you will. 

How can people find you on social media?www.facebook.com/Wicked305   IG:trishcordero305  Twitter: @Wicked305

What do you want to see changed in your 

What is a hustler? 
A hustler, to me, is a motivated person. This is a person that sees a goal and will do anything to achieve it. There is nothing that can stop a hustler, it is something in their personna that drives them to compete with their own self in order to see how hard they can go.  

Any last words or shout outs? Besides the Creator and my lovely daughter, Tricia. I would love to actually Thank all the people who have stuck by my side with support and love. No need for names, as the list is ever changing. But, I love everyone i have met in my lifetime; and cannot wait to meet so many more. 

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